The Best Method to Clean Your Mirrors and Windows

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Have you struggled to find the best method to clean your glass mirrors and windows without streaking?

I have a simple solution for you.


Our patios get filthy from the construction constantly happening on the property.

In order to keep the patios clean, I often need to hose the dirt off the flagstone.

This leaves me with water droplets and dirt covered doors and glass.

The cleaning solution I use quickly brings all the glass and mirrors back to perfection.


2 cups water

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

1 T corn starch

Spray bottle

Several lint free microfiber cloths


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a spray bottle.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Remove any heavy dirt or grime off the windows using water (especially if outside) so that you don’t have to change out your dirty cloths as much.
  4. Next, spray the windows liberally with the mixture in the spray bottle.
  5. Using a lint free cloth, wipe the windows down.
  6. If the cloth becomes dirty, switch to a clean cloth.
  7. Allow your glass surfaces/windows/doors to dry.
  8. Your glass and windows will be the cleanest they have ever been.

You probably have all of these supplies already on hand. After you use my method to clean your mirrors and windows one time, I highly doubt you will ever buy another bottle of Windex again.

I just cleaned the sliding doors, the glass table, and the mirror using my method. Instead of seeing dirt and streaked, filthy glass, you can see a mirror reflected in these doors.

Here is a close-up of the newly cleaned glass top table and mirror.

I am on the ladder cleaning the patio doors and arched windows using my method. I do this once a year.

Here is the arched patio window and door after being cleaned and allowed to dry.

Suggested materials:

  • 5 gallon bucket   (on hand)
  • Water   (on hand)
  • Corn starch   (on hand)
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Jennifer Williams
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  • Pam Cooper Pam Cooper on Jun 18, 2021

    When you clean windows like your patio doors & arches, do you clean both inside & out?

  • Julie Julie on Jul 07, 2021

    Is the cornstarch 1 tbs or 1 tsp ???? all it says is 1 T.

  • Cindy Rubin Cindy Rubin 2 days ago

    GOOD GRIEF!!! How do you move that ladder around?


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  • Cherie Cherie on Jun 16, 2021

    Beautiful home and I'm going to try your method! Lucky for me, I don't have to use a ladder - or rather I won't use a ladder as I'm afraid of heights! Lol!

  • Diane Diane on Jun 18, 2021

    So you live in a castle. Awesome. Very impressive home.

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