French Blues With SK

This "little" multiple project was a joy to create. The old, rickety chairs, little desk and bedside table had seen better days.
We approximated the little desk to be from the early 1900's. The bedside table was built around 1945.
Most older pieces have a distinct "old" smell. After sanding the table and little desk, I set about revitalizing them a pretty French blue.
The drawers was sealed and then covered in pretty paper. Each drawer side has a different paper inside and out. This makes for a pretty little surprise when they are opened.
I used a water based poly to glue the paper onto the wood. Then I coated each surface with a coat of poly for durability. I sanded the paper back then painted a soft coat of blue on the edges. I wiped it off leaving just enough to soften the look.
The old knobs had to go. I picked out pretty china blue knobs from Hobby Lobby.
Each flat surface was decorated with graphics from The Graphics Fairy.
I use carbon paper as my preferred transfer method. I sand and finish the surface. After I have lightly copied the graphic, I finish by darkening and adding slight color to each drawing. I sand the finished surface slightly to antique and then use a satin polyurethane to finish.
The Graphics Fairy
I padded the inside of the drawer"s then using tacks gave it an interesting dimension.
All the fabrics I used in this project were Scotchguarded to help keep stains at bay.
The Graphics Fairy
The finish is coated with a white wax to finish the rest of the piece giving it a chalky white look. I then buff to a soft shine. Time consuming, but worth every minute.
The old chairs were the next challenge. My client wanted this entire set to have a very light and feminine feel.
She gave me an old quilt with robin egg blue, soft yellows, reds and white chenille.
The chairs needed to have leg dowels replaced and the chairs refurbished to make sturdy again.
I painted them a soft French blue, very close to robin egg blue. I used my white wax to bring out the pretty convex design on the top of each chair.
The old fake leather seats were removed and new under bottoms attached. I then cut a piece of wood which would fit into the hollow. I cut them a bit smaller because, I knew I would need room for the added fabric.
Each chair was upholstered with the quilt fabric provided. I also made three pillows to match. A tube bolster, a rectangle and a square. Each pillow and chair fabric needed to be re-in-forced with a under cotton to stabilize the old quilt fabric.
The blue rope was stapled in place before I attached the fabric seats. This chenille fabric is difficult to find, so I save every little scrap I had for any future projects.
With a bit of scrap fabric I created orange potpourri sachets for each drawer. A final sweet.
Thanks for visiting. sk

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