1. Get Creative with Old Items for Craft Room Furniture on a Budget

If you want craft room furniture on a budget, you can rummage through your house to recycle a piece of old furniture for your first project! This Hometalker upcycled old furniture for her craft room, bringing an old cabinet back to life with some bright paint, and making an organizer out of a piece of wood, a food tin, and a glass jar. The details play a key role in this impressive makeover. Get tutorial here

2. Create a Concealing Counter Skirt

Hometalker Lynn loved her counter and how it acted as useful craft room storage furniture, but she wished it looked neater. The answer? She created a skirt by adding grommets to some linen and attaching it to a rod that was hung off the edge of the table. The finished project looks great and hides items stored underneath perfectly. Get tutorial here

3. Create Wall Displays Using Crib Springs

Creative DIYers often want to hang their latest inspiration and ideas on their craft room walls, but have you considered using crib springs for such displays? Hometalker Jeanette did just that, and then hung botanical art from the frames using small pegs. It’s a great idea that turns an unexpected item into a vital piece of craft room furniture. Get tutorial here

4. Innovative Outdoor Craft Room Organization Furniture

If you’re lacking the space needed to be creative indoors, why not follow this Hometalker’s lead by taking your craft room outdoors? Teri created a craft space complete with a large table and storage cabinets close to the animals she cares for, while her impressive creations - including a striking sign and a mosaic chicken gate – decorate the area. Get tutorial here

5. Transform an Armoire into Stylish Storage

Craft room organization furniture is often vital to keep so many different items stored safely, and Hometalker Carolyn used an old armoire as the basis for hers. She added shelving and pegboard to the cabinet to create plenty of storage options, while she also painted and stenciled on the exterior to give it the perfect feel for any craft room space. Get tutorial here

6. Make the Perfect Craft Table with Minimum Materials

Hometalker Stacy offers up a host of tips for creating the perfect craft room furniture on a budget, but her ideas for a table are particularly notable. She used crates to elevate hers to the right height, while she also wrapped it in fabric to conceal items underneath. Her glue guns and cutters are kept in a holder, while a bin is also hooked on the side. Get tutorial here

7. Turn Crates into Craft Room Storage

Another project from Hometalker Stacy, this one provides advice and inspiration if you want to use wooden crates as part of your craft room furniture. She made a sewing and craft hutch out of the items, which work perfectly when used as storage on a desk or bench for a host of different bits and pieces. The results are undeniably impressive. Get tutorial here

8. Find a New Use for Damaged Goods

This project from Hometalker Jann features plenty of craft room storage furniture ideas. While the shelving concealed by sliding barn doors is eyecatching, another great feature is the numbered cabinet featuring faux cubbies. Bought at a damaged goods store, the unit actually opens up to hold three filing cabinets that store a range of items. Get tutorial here

9. Get a Fresh Perspective From IKEA

When it comes to finding craft room furniture IKEA can always provide some inspiration. Hometalker Libby made use of two white picture ledges from the store when she created her own craft space, while she also picked up some magnetic spice jars to store small items like buttons. The jars are held securely in place on a knife holder. Get tutorial here

10. Turn a Door Into a Craft Table

Hometalker Colleen offers up some great ideas for craft room furniture on a budget in this project, with the centerpiece undoubtedly being the impressive DIY worktable she created for under $50. The bench is simply an old door that has been laid across two bookcases, while she also added polka dot Duck Tape to the edges for the perfect finishing touch. Get tutorial here

11. Attach an IKEA Unit to a Craft Table

Another great craft room furniture IKEA idea, this project shows how you can use a Rast chest of drawers to create the perfect craft table. Hometalker Stacey built the unit, painting it white, and then creating a tabletop using pallet wood on a door. She then attached the drawers and some legs to the top. We're very impressed by the finished result. Get tutorial here

12. Build a Table From IKEA Furniture

This craft room furniture IKEA idea takes matters to a whole new level, as Hometalker Jennifer simply built her perfect worktable from several different units. She used a Kallax and two Alex drawers as the basis for her creation and added Linnmon tabletops to complete the design. The furniture offers both much-needed storage and desk space. Get tutorial here

13. Create the Perfect Daybed

Having somewhere to relax and try to get inspired can be very useful in a craft room, so why not consider adding a daybed to your space? This Hometalker transformed an old guest bedroom into her craft room, and revamped an old sleigh bed into the perfect daybed. Finished off with the right bedding and pillows, it undoubtedly looks the part. Get tutorial here

14. Make a Fold Out Desk for Tidy Craft Room Organization Furniture

If you need craft room furniture for a small space, why not consider creating your own folding table? Hometalker Mel built hers out of wood, taking particular care when building the gate leg, which supports the table when it is up. The finished piece perfectly folds away so she can easily make use of the entire floor in the room. Get tutorial here

15. Brighten Up Old Furniture

Another great example of how simple changes can make a big difference to existing furniture, this project sees Hometalker Steph revamp an old entertainment center to create the perfect storage for her craft supplies. She painted a bright splash of yellow on the exterior, while the blue beadboard she added to the inside makes for stylish and useful storage. Get tutorial here

16. Transform a Tool Box for Tidy Craft Room Storage

Anyone seeking craft room storage which can be transported elsewhere should look at this project from Hometalker Ana. She created a brilliant portable storage solution for her crafting items out of her husband’s old toolbox by adding tension rods and other features to the inside. The antique floral look on the outside provides the perfect finish. Get tutorial here

17. Store Ribbon in a Wine Rack

It is not easy to keep craft rooms neat and tidy, but this project highlights how inspiration can come from unexpected places. Hometalker Sadie saw a wicker wine rack in a thrift store one day and realized it could be perfect for storing her ribbon. She painted the rack, added a "seatbelt", and now the spools sit beautifully in her creative space. Get tutorial here

18. Revamp an Old TV Cabinet

This project is yet another example of how unwanted items can quickly be transformed into fantastic craft room storage furniture. Christina found a cabinet in a thrift store that was selling at just $1 and gave it a new lease of life with blue paint and installing pegboard on the back. The finished piece is the perfect craft room storage furniture solution. Get tutorial here