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Over the years I've found several items that always seem to have unlimited storage usages. They are those items that I accumulate knowing that they will help keep a part of life neater, easier or more organized.
Talenti Gelato Containers
Talenti calls the re-use of their containers as "pint cycling". I blame them for the extra weight I've gained making sure that I always have a few empty spare containers. Oh, alright, I do love the flavors. Why are they one of my favorite storage items? They are an American brand (subsidiary of Unilever), heavy duty and durable. I use them for storing food (not microwave or dishwasher safe according to their website), craft items, snacks, keys, hardware, makeup and travel items, to name a few. They are also the perfect size for small paint containers, mixing/storing homemade starch, first aid kit and the list goes on.
Photo Boxes
They may be called "photo boxes" but I call them perfect. All of the stuff that I used to try and find is now in its own place on my bookshelf. When I need an item, all I need to do is remove the box. I've also used them to store small items like wallets, socks & gloves (I live in Florida so those items fit in one small box) and belts. And while I chose black in my craft area for uniformity and to minimize dirty fingerprints, the range of colors and patterns makes them great for gift boxes. I always stock up when they're on sale which makes the cost approx $2.
Vintage Wooden Sewing Cabinet Drawers
Vintage wooden sewing cabinet drawers are one of my favorite DIY storage items. As storage boxes, they are the perfect size for desk decor, medicine holders, kitchen utensils, remote controls, hairbrushes, paint brushes and spice bottles. I also use them for shelves and filled with 4 small Mason jars filled with flowers, they became the perfect gift item for a sick friend.
Small Plastic Containers
I have a "photo box" full of all different types of small plastic containers. They are perfect for pins, travel items, nails, picture hanging hooks, sewing kit, spare keys, toothpicks. Luckily, I found a box of old plastic film cannisters (black one pictured above) and they're perfect for small amounts of paint. When I've finished a chalky paint project and have leftover paint, I store it in one of these with a label and it's perfect for a small project later. I've also used them for portion control of sweets when dieting.

If you have a storage tip, please share. Staying organized isn't easy.

Suggested materials:

  • Talenti Gelato   (Grocery Store)
  • Photo Boxes   (Michaels, Hobby Lobby)
  • Vintage Wooden Sewing Cabinet Drawers   (Garage Sales, Thrift Stores)
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