Brand New Home Made Candles - Tutorial

2 Hours
This tutorial will show you how easy you can repurpose old pieces of candles. I recommend to use good quality candles like Kringle or Yankee as they contain natural oils inside but normal ones with scented oils will be good as well.
- glass jars
- tea light and natural string, can be cotton, linen or hemp. One of them have to be thinner. Thicker string have to be longer than height of your glass jar.
- funnel
- pieces of old candles
- pot
- wooden sticks (grill or for sushi)
Everything else that can be useful: scissors, paper towel, carton box to storage while jars cool down.
Add to the tealight wick thicker string using thinner one.
Put tealights in jars and stabilize them using wooden sticks.
Now put all the pieces of candles in pot and melt them. It can't boil! Use very low temperature and mix it from time to time using wooden stick.
When candles will melt, add some drops of your favourite scented oil. Use as much as you want but not too much. I used 20 drops for all the jars.
Using funnel, fill the jars.
After candles cool down, cut the string 1 cm above the surface.
Now you can decorate the jar with some string and metal pendant or charm.
And ready! Enjoy! Please let me know if you find some grammar or other mistakes in words :)

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  • KT KT on Jun 29, 2017
    The headline makes it sound as if you dyed the candles but there's nothing in the directions about doing so. Could regular food dye be used when melting candles?

  • Kim Kim on Nov 15, 2017
    Those are really nice. Where did you get the jars you used?


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