How to Make "Floating" DIY Christmas Centerpieces on a Budget

Christmas elegance from plastic wrap in your kitchen drawer, from clips of greenery in your backyard, and from cranberries in your refrigerator? Absolutely! Here's how to make "floating" DIY Christmas centerpieces on a budget.

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Tools and materials

Plastic wrap
Cutting pieces of greenery from a tree

1. Cut pieces of greenery

Trim some evergreen sprigs from a tree in your backyard. Alternatively, you could use greenery cut from a garland or even an old Christmas tree.

Adding the greenery to a vase

2. Add the greenery to a clear vase

Take any glass vase or jar container that you have and layer the bottom with a couple of inches of greenery.

When placing the greens in the glass container, angle the ends of the greenery toward the outside of the glass so you see just greenery and not stems.

Crumpling the plastic wrap

3. Add a layer of plastic wrap

Next, grab your box of plastic wrap. Pull a couple of long lengths of plastic wrap and start crumpling it into a bunch. There is no real pattern to this, but I did try to shape it into a sort of leveled disc that fits the opening of my glass vase.

Adding a layer of plastic wrap on top of the greenery

Just place it on top of the greenery.

Adding a layer of cranberries to the centerpiece

4. Add a layer of cranberries

Next, pile some cranberries on top of that plastic wrap layer.

Just keep layering in that order: greenery, plastic wrap, and then cranberries. Depending on the size of your container, you can add as many layers as you want.

Pouring water into the container

5. Pour water

Now for the best part. Take a pitcher of water and pour over the top of all the layers.

Pushing the top layer down

As you add water, the plastic wrap is going to expand slightly. Just push down on the top layer and everything will settle into place. The plastic wrap takes on the look of ice with the addition of the water.

Adding a tealight or green sprigs to the top layer

6. Embellish the top

If you like, you can add a tea light to the top of the layers and surround it with additional cranberries. Another option for the top is to add additional greenery over the top layer of cranberries.

You could add both a tea light candle and greenery as long as you use a faux candle. Please do not add a lighted real candle with greenery so nearby. Safety first!

DIY Christmas centerpieces on a budget
How to make a "floating" Christmas centerpiece

DIY Christmas centerpieces on a budget

This is a perfect holiday display centerpiece for anywhere in your home and this centerpiece looks amazing in multiples. The more the merrier! Quick, easy, and inexpensive, I hope this project inspired you to create your own icy evergreen cranberry centerpiece.

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments below.

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  • Lynn Lynn on Nov 20, 2023
    I am not in 'craft' mode at the moment--bigger remodeling jobs take most of our time. But this is so lovely that I may have to make a bit of time to do it. Thank you for sharing!!!
  • Patty Patty on Nov 22, 2023
    I'm amazed at how much it looks like ice. Great idea.