Metallic Vinyl Placemats Become Vase Wraps for Floral Center Pieces

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I made floral centerpieces for my daughter’s wedding shower using Dollar Tree’s clear glass cylinder vase, some pebbles also available from Dollar Tree and a metallic silver placemat I’d gotten around Christmas time from the 99Cent Store, though I have seen them year round available online. After wrapping & gluing the placemat piece around the vase, I added some birch twigs I cut from my trees, a live orchard, then placed the vase on a mirror round and put a silk flower candle holder ring around the bottom. I like to show the finished item first and then describe the steps needed to get there.

Centerpiece with placemat silver wrap

First thing I did was to see how I could get the most wraps that would fit around the vase out of a rectangular placemat. I then used a paper cutter to cut the placemat into thick pieces that each measured 6” x 11.25”. I set those aside.

Metallic silver vinyl placemat

You can use any pliable vinyl placemat to go with your theme or color. I used silver because it was one of the colors of my daughter’s wedding shower decorations.

Adding pebbles to add weight to the vase

I then filled the vases with pebbles. You could use rocks, marbles or anything you’ve got on hand for the filler before you add flowers or a plant. Just be sure your filler stays below the height of your placemat wrap.

Wrap placemat around vase & hot glue together

You can now add your wrap. Be sure it fits around your vase with a slight over lap. Run a strip of hot glue along one edge of your wrap. Using care to not burn yourself on the hot glue, use a dish towel between your hands and the vase and hold the wrap in place until glue cools.

Add a plant or fresh cut flowers

I used live orchids and just took them out of the pots they came in, tucked the roots into the vase and used the wood chips & moss that was in the orchid pot and wedged that into the vase around the orchard roots. I stuck a couple of birch twigs from my trees in with the orchard plant. The finishing touch was to slip a silk flower candle ring around the bottom of each vase and place the vase on a 12” mirror round. They turned out really pretty and were admired by the folks at the wedding shower. My daughter loved them too. Since I make centerpieces, I had the mirror rounds, and silk florals. My cost per centerpiece was around $20. If you need to buy the mirror rounds and silk candle rings, the cost per vase would be closer to $25 each.

Suggested materials:

  • Cylinder glass vase   (Dollar Tree)
  • Live Orchard   (Home Depot)
  • Pebbles   (Dollar Tree)
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