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I love a good craft project, especially when it comes to seasonal decorating. Caring for 3 kiddos doesn’t exactly give me a boatload of spare time to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies though, so I try to get creative with quick and easy projects to add a seasonal touch whenever I can. This simple fall pumpkin centerpiece will look anything but simple on your dining table though.

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This project was so ridiculously easy that aside from shopping for materials at the local craft store, it only took me about 5 minutes to actually put it together. In fact, I probably spent more time photographing the steps than actually creating it. So if you think you’re not the crafty type, it’s ok, I’ve got you. This one’s fool proof.

So let’s see how to create this quick and easy fall centerpiece.

STEP 1 – Gather your Fall centerpiece supplies

This centerpiece only requires a few basic materials to create something truly stunning.

I knew I wanted to create a floral centerpiece for our fall dining room and incorporate a pumpkin as the vase. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on turning basic craft pumpkins into vases and I almost went that route until I stumbled on these simple white ceramic pumpkins.

They were the perfect size and will hold up much better to
water if I decide to switch out the faux florals for fresh ones, which I likely
will for Thanksgiving dinner.

Faux florals are a great way to add a subtle seasonal touch
to any home and they’re my personal go-to for making my home feel decorated,
but lived-in.

As soon as I saw the beautiful dark jewel tones in the
floral aisle I knew I didn’t want to go with a traditional orange and yellow
color scheme. I opted for 2 different burgundy floral bushes with the idea that
I would mix them in together to create my own bouquet.

Lastly I picked up a craft foam block to place inside my
pumpkin and hold the flowers. Using foam, or another stabilizer in your vase
makes it easier to arrange the flowers and keep them in place. It’s also a
trick to stretch your florals so that you don’t need to use a lot.

Centerpiece Supplies
  • Pumpkin vase – I looked high and low and the one I purchased is only available in stores at JoAnn Fabrics for around $10, but you can purchase a simple craft pumpkin and cut out the top.
  • Fall Faux Florals
  • Floral Foam
  • Wire cutters
  • Utility knife

step 2 – Assemble your Fall Centerpiece
Measure and Cut your foam

The foam block I purchased was thicker then I needed so I decided to cut it in half. This worked out perfect since I was making 2 identical centerpieces.

My pumpkin vase had a round opening so I grabbed the largest glass I could find in my kitchen cabinet to trace around so that my foam piece would fit perfectly inside. I used a utility knife to score the outside edge of the circle, but foam can be difficult to cut, so it took me a few passes.

Insert your foam and measure for flowers

Since the foam block takes up a good amount of space inside
your vase, you’ll want to measure your flowers to the appropriate length so
that they aren’t too tall for the height of your vase.

Trim and arrange your flower stems

Lastly, you’ll want to separate and cut your floral bushes into individual stems.

I said this project was easy, but with one caveat, you’ll need to get yourself some wire cutters. Trying to cut fuax florals with a regular pairs of scissors is near impossible due to the metal wiring they’re created with.

Once I had my two floral bushes cut up I randomly mixed together all of the stems and began placing them into the craft foam.

The key to assembling a faux floral centerpiece is to mix in a variety of textures or colors. Since I opted for a monochromatic look with all burgundy florals, I made sure to include a variety of stems like burgundy leaves, thistles, berries and other flowers.

Continue inserting floral stems until your vase has a nice
full appearance without any noticeable bare spots.

That’s it! I told you this was an easy project! The great thing about this centerpiece is that I can easily switch out the florals to another color palette next fall. And I’ve already got some great ideas.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and spend some time with me. I hope this post and site help you to create something beautiful and inspired so that you can love the home you have.

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