How to Make an Upcycled Christmas Bauble Centerpiece

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What do you do with broken Christmas ornaments?? If you are a crafter, you always look for ways to recycle/upcycle everything.

I have been holding these baubles, which have a broken top, for over a year now. This year, I decided I would put them to use and create something nice and high-end.

I don't buy anything from a shop for Christmas. All the decor pieces are made by me.

I had this idea of making a centerpiece or a focus piece for my living room shelf and I used these broken baubles to do that.

Here's what I made.

DIY Christmas centerpiece

A high end looking product, which costs a bomb in shops. DIY'ed just for a few bucks. Lets see how to make this.

Supplies for the DIY project

1. Grab your materials

I took a wood slice for the base and an embroidery hoop. You can also use thick cardboard piece for the base.

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Making the base for the centerpiece

2. Make the base

Glue the ring to the base. Make sure it's sturdy.

Gluing baubles to the base

3. Glue the baubles

Start gluing the baubles around one side of the ring. I have used bigger baubles at the bottom, and smaller ones as I went up the ring.

I have used red and golden balls here, but you can make this in any color palette you wish.

Sticking baubles to the embroidery hoop

Stick the baubles in such a way that they cover the ring. Make sure the head of the bauble is either towards the inside or backside. Go from big to small.

Covering the gaps with greenery

5. Cover with greenery

Once you are happy with that, cover the bauble heads at the back using some Christmas greens. I took two branches from an old tabletop tree and covered the back.

Embellishing the centerpiece with a faux garland

6. Embellish

To add a little more drama and class, I also stuck a faux Christmas green branch with some berries and pine cones.

Filling in the gaps with faux berries

To fill the gaps between the baubles, add some berries. These are DIY'ed berries. I added some red color to small Styrofoam balls and made these berries.

Placing a gold reindeer in the center

7. Add ornaments

To make it look more glamorous, I'm adding a gold reindeer ornament in the middle of the base.

Hanging a star ornament from the top

I also hung a star ornament from the top.

Christmas centerpiece with fairy lights

8. Add fairy lights

Add some fairy lights on the ring and admire the gorgeousness of this decor piece.

Upcycled bauble centerpiece

Upcycled bauble centerpiece

You can even add a tree or any other Christmas piece. Wasn't it an easy project? It looks so classy and high-end. Let me know your feedback in the comments below.

Embroidery hoop and bauble centerpiece

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Suggested materials:
  • Wood slice   (craft store)
  • Wood slice   (craft store)
  • Embroidery ring   (craft store)
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