Vintage Toolbox Centerpiece

We all love Joanna Gaines' "chippy Fixer Upper vintage farmhouse" style, of course. While I don't typically use this style of decor in my own home, I can appreciate it's unique beauty.
However, whenever Spring rolls around, I find myself oddly attracted to all things farmhouse and vintage. That being said, I went online looking for an affordable vintage toolbox to use as a centerpiece. There was literally zero, zip, nada available. So..................... I decided to make my own.
We had some 1 ft. x 8 ft. pieces of wood left over from our recent closet reno, so I decided to use that for my toolbox (awesome, since it cost a total of $0.00). I had the husband cut the pieces to size. For this part, we used a circular saw.
Here are my finished pieces. This project can be customized to any size you like, and that's why I love it so much. My toolbox is 26 inches long, and 6 inches high. The ends are higher obviously to account for the handle. So far, the cost is still $0.00, as this wood was just sitting in my garage, but it you were going to a hardware store, this would all cost under $10.00, and they would likely cut the wood for you too.
To add my handle, I laid one end on to of the other and drilled a hole near the top. A special drill bit is required for this step, but most drill bit sets come with several sizes of these. For the handle, I used an old broken broomstick, and fit the stick into the holes using the persuasion of a mallet. It's an extremely tight fit, which is perfect.
To secure the sides and ends, I used wood glue and a nailgun. Here is a picture of the completed toolbox ready for paint/stain. At this point, I could have chosen to just stain it, but I decided to try my hand at making wood look old. I used a light grey chalk paint for my first step.
ext, I used a cloth to rub on a dark decorative glaze. I had this glaze lying around from a prior project, but I never used it. This glaze is FAST, as in, you don't want to leave it sitting on the piece for very long. I wiped it down fairly quickly after applying it (5-10 seconds), and the end result was a weathered aged effect. I'm certain that any type of decorative glaze would work in this case, and usually runs about $10-15.
I wrote "Farm Fresh Eggs" on the side with a sharpie and after a good sanding, the words looks faded and weathered.
Since it's going to be used as a Spring / Easter Centerpiece, I added some tulips, faux succulents and some moss to make it Springy. Check out the link to My Crafty Spot to see more photos of this project and you can also check out my blog for more DIY and how-to decor ideas.

Sue Purdy
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