How to Make a Rustic Tree Round Centerpieces For Your Fall Table

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Impress your guests with a stunning tree round centerpiece for your holiday table using only three items: tree rounds, tree branches, and newspaper. Let's explore your yard together...

After having a tree trimmed, I was thrilled to collect some tree rounds. The more rugged and rustic they are, the better! The rotted center hole adds character and charm to the decor.

Old tree trunk

1. Cut the tree rounds

Thank you, Mr. Arborist. 🙂

Cutting a tree trunk into rounds

Or you can purchase Wood Rounds on Amazon... LINK.

Tree round

2. Tan the newspaper

Next, we'll use newspaper to make leaves. After reading the paper, I hung it on the clothesline in the sun.

I sprayed a bit of Clorox Cleaner to wet the pages and quicken the aging process.

Drying newspaper in the sun

Within a few hours in the sun, the paper had a tan, weathered look. Perfect to create fall leaves.

Weathered newspaper

3. Gather branches

Finally, gather thin tree branches to fit into the rounds. These will be the trees.

If you can't gather any yourself, tree branches can be found on Amazon... LINK.

Tree branches

4. Cut leaves out of newspaper

Cut the newspaper into tiny leaves – about 1″ long is good.

Cutting the newspaper into leaves

Gather all the leaves.

Newspaper leaves

5. Hot glue the branches to the rounds

Set out the tree rounds and select the perfect tree branches.

Tree branches

It should stand strong and tall, just like a tree.

Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks: Amazon LINK.

Hot gluing branches onto the tree round

6. Hot glue the leaves to the branches

Hot gluing leaves to the branches

Take a moment and put on some green chili stew… perfect on a chilly fall night.

Green chili stew

The Phases of Fall Centerpiece

One tree represents the beginning of fall – the tree is laden with leaves and the leaves are changing color.

The center tree represents mid-fall. It bends in the wind. The leaves fall and blow off the tree.

The last tree represents the end of fall. Just a handful of leaves hanging from its branches… soon the snow will fly.

The Phases of Fall Centerpiece

Place the tree rounds down the center of the table: Beginning of Fall. Mid-Fall. End of Fall.

Tree round centerpiece

Set the table. Any color. Any pattern. Love the mix of rustic with China and stripes.

Fall tablescape

Chili Stew with a pop of orange pumpkins. Perfect.

Fall centerpiece on the table

Simple. Fun. Easy. Fancy. And free!

Don’t you just love shopping in the yard for the holidays?!

DIY fall centerpiece

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Thanks! Jeanne

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Suggested materials:
  • Tree Wood Rounds   (Amazon)
  • Hot Glue Gun with Sticks   (Amazon)
  • Tree Branches   (Amazon)
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  • Thea Thea on Oct 01, 2021

    This would work well as function decor

  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Oct 01, 2021

    Hi Thea - thanks - party/function décor can definitely work - the size of the piece depends on the size of the wood round...large dramatic pieces would work great!

    Jeanne - Doodle T and Me!