Another 4th of July Project

4 Materials
3 Hours
I have some leftover wood pieces that I found and have been holding on to for over a year. I decided to make a flag that I could either hang or put in the ground.
starts with would sticks I had laying around and wood glue. You could also do this with paint stirrers.
I lined them up and counted out 13, 7 red and 6 white
I painted them all white first. Then went back and painted red over 7 of the white. I thought the white base would make the other colors pop more instead of just painting over the wood.
Marked off the blue section. I did not have any left over blue paint so I spent 50 cents at Walmart for blue craft paint. 6 sections of the 13 were painted with the blue
It took a few coats of red to get the right color
Used wood glue in between the wood and then secured two stakes and some additional support on the back. I let that sit over night.
Painted the stars with a paint pen. Yes I know I don't have enough stars, I did the best I could but I didn't give myself enough room. Sprayed a little poly coat on top.
I decided to drill holes in some of the stars ( maybe everyone wouldn't notice that I don't have enough)
I used small battery operated sparkle lights I have from Christmas and inserted them into the holes. I just secured it with clear packing tape.
Can you see the sparkle?
You can see the lights a little better at night. Here it is on my porch with the other project I made with the wood sticks
Here's the finished product. When I started I thought I would attach rope and hang it on my door but it ended up too big for that I think.
This was really easy and the only thing I bought was blue craft paint. Everything else was sitting in the garage.
Happy 4th of July!

Suggested materials:

  • Craft paint   (walmart)
  • Sparkle lights   (walmart)
  • Krylon Ultimate Coverage in Barn Red
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  • Wendy Wendy on Jun 24, 2018

    This is just fun!! Loving it!