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I really love doing Halloween decorations, it is my favorite Holiday for DIY projects. Even though Halloween is not very popular in Australia I still like to make the projects. My niece and great niece are always happy to receive them. This year I wanted to make a flower arrangement that can be used as table decorations. Alternatively, they will look great on the porch to thrill the trick or treaters.

Find a bottle

To make this project you will need a bottle of some description. I repurposed a plastic bottle that came full of chocolates, we ate the chocolates first. A wine bottle will be perfect.

I wanted the base to look like a waiter in a tuxedo, it seemed fitting for a dinner party. Start by painting the bottle black with gesso or acrylic paint.

I am not very good a painting so this was the closest I came to a tuxedo. I used white gesso again, only because it was what I had at home. You can add more decorations like the flower in the pocket if you so wish.

Paint the silk roses

The flowers I used for this project were cheap red roses from a budget store. Red was not the look I was going for, so I painted them all black with the gesso.

Using gesso for a project like this works really well and has great coverage, and dries quickly with a hair dryer.

Add some colour

To add some colour to the black, I used some shimmer spray. This will give the roses a slight colour and will make them shine like glitter. This does not show up very well in the photos.

And for some added colour I used some gold wax paste with I applied randomly to the roses.

Add the flowers to the skull

The skull was also bought from a budget store, I came as a bag of bones. I did not have any flower arranging foam so I had to improvise. I used some Styrofoam packaging which I cut to fit around the skull. You can use hot glue to stick the Styrofoam to the skull.

Paint the foam

You can again use the black gesso or acrylic paint to paint the Styrofoam, to disguise the white. My skull looked a bit too clean for the look I wanted. To add some character to the skull you can paint over the creases and dents in the skull with the black paint. Then using a wet cloth wipe away the excess paint. The black will stay in the dents like the teeth, giving a creepy look.

This is the step where you add the flower to the skull. I used hot glue and pushed them into the Styrofoam. Just keep moving them around, until you are happy with the look.

You can also add some twigs or branches from a grape vine to break up the flowers.

If you can get you hands on some small skeletons they look cute added to the flowers.

Attach the skull

It was at this stage I realized that my flowers were top heavy and kept falling over. To stop this from happening you can add some sand inside the bottle. Cut an X into the base of the skull and push it down over the bottle. Ignore the glue I originally used a lamp stand but it was too low.

Completed flower arrangement

I had some fun with the photos by adding a poseable skeleton.

Your cost for this project will depend on what materials you have at home.

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Suggested materials:

  • Recycled bottle   (Recycled)
  • Silk roses   (Budget store/ Amazon)
  • Black gesso   (Budget store/ Amazon)
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