Decorated mailbox for the 4th!

I love any opportunity to put out my little flags! It is funny, but we are in such a heat wave and yet the sun is not out bright this AM??? Pardon my shaggy grass, but it is not going to get cut until after we have rain! This is that wonderful Zoysia Emerald Green that never gets any taller than what is in this photo! We love it. I do plan to give it a drink of water tonight. Notice how the flowers in the row behind the mailbox are hurting!
Flying our colors!
Just another view!

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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 02, 2012
    My sister lives in Biloxi, MS on about the same latitude as N. FL and some of her neighbors have fact, a lot of it is grown in FL. Zoysiz LOVES hot weather. Here in Atlanta, it is not fully green until mid to late June. If you mow it tall (highest setting on mower) is weathers heat very well. I plan to water tonight if we do not get rain today. I will water each zone 10 minutes!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 02, 2012
    Tip: Zoysia Emerald is different than the others...Zoysiz Meyer has to be mowed every friend has it! Be careful which one you get. If in doubt, but 1 piece, put it down and watch it! You can buy 20 pieces a weekend and put it down over time.