DIY Dollar Store Halloween 2-tier Tray “Jersey Girl Knows Best”

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It’s almost that time again and I’m so excited to share this quick, easy and cheap Halloween 2-tier Tray for serving up your spookily treats 💀 Ready?! Let’s do this!

Aren’t you excited for Halloween this year! Decorating! Dressing up! Trick-or-Treating! I found these plates and votive candle holder at the Dollar Tree and they looked ti me like a 2-tiered tray. This is all you need to make it yourself.

Make sure you remove all the stickers, wash and dry the plates and candle holder first. I used E6000 glue because that is what I had on hand, but you can also use the gel super glue from the Dollar Tree. I glued the top edge of the votive holder first because I am putting it upside down onto the center of the larger plate. **Edit- a great tip would be to measure and trace a line around the votive on the plates before you glue them down😊**

Next I glue only the edge of the bottom of the votive candle holder since the center is concaved.

I place the smaller plate directly on top of the glued candle holder in the center of the plate. Depending on what glue you use, it may take 24-72 hours to fully dry and cure together.

And there you have it! A spooky 2-tier tray perfect for your next Halloween party 💀 🎃 👻

In this photo, I embellished the tray with black bugs and a small black rat that were also found at the Dollar Tree. Have a safe and spooky Halloween 🐜 🐀

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Suggested materials:

  • Platter   (Dollar Tree)
  • Plate   (Dollar Tree)
  • Votive candle holder   (Dollar Tree)
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Sep 30, 2021

    If you want the raised portion to be cleanly centred, I would suggest to first measure and draw a circles on the plates, (on the back of the top one, and on the front of the bottom one) before placing the glued votive piece down. Once this glue touches the plastic, it is very hard to move again without making a mess.

  • Jersey Girl Knows Best Jersey Girl Knows Best on Sep 30, 2021

    I agree! After I placed it down, I did measure around it and I did move it slightly. I think the E6000 glue is a bit more forgiving than other glue.