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I do like making decorations I can use over multiple holidays. Anything red, white and blue is good for Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day or just a fun summer holiday party. Here are two easy ways to make two DIY patriotic garlands using both paper and fabric, some twine and glue. All the items I have laying around so get creative and see what supplies you may already have on hand.

The Paper Banner
Hester & Cook placemats 12″ x 18″

These paper placemats from Hester & Cook will be used on my patriotic table for July 4th. But I am using two of these placemats to create the blue triangles for a 5 foot long garland. For the red/white triangles, use any paper from a craft store. This red and white paper table runner I am using is also from Hester & Cook. Even though these products are designed for table settings, I often use them for crafts or wrapping paper.

Hester & Cook red striped paper table runner

If you need paper supplies, Amazon has a great selection of patriotic paper here.

First I fold the paper placemat length-wise, creating a 6″ x 18″ cutting surface, with the pattern inside.

Not wanting to make this a difficult math problem, I divide the 18″ into 6 triangles that fit within the paper size. You can make the size of the triangle whatever you want. Mine are 6″ wide by 6″ long.

I use the triangles with the folded side

Since I want a garland with the pattern on both sides, I will only use the triangles I can fold over and secure. So in the picture above, I will have leftover triangles. You can toss these or create another project with them.

Cut out the triangles

Using the first triangle as a template, I trace it on the red/white striped paper that I, too, fold.

Trace the triangle to the red/white paper

Once I have cut enough red and white striped triangles (really diamonds), I am ready to assemble.

Assemble the Garland
Twine container

Cut the appropriate length of your twine. This cute twine holder with scissors in the above photo can be found here. I keep this handy in the kitchen on the shelf above the stove, as I use it often.

Elmer’s disappearing purple glue sticks

When you lay open the folded triangle it forms a diamond. Using glue sticks, secure the triangle to the twine, so they do not slide. Also add glue to the edges and tip. I try to limit my use of glue because the paper can look bumpy if you use too much. Use too little and the triangle will not stick to itself. Fold over the triangle and press to secure.

Apply a good amount of glue

Alternate the colors of the triangle. I do this until I have 5 blue star pattern and 4 red/white stripes. You can certainly cut more triangles for a longer garland, but 9 triangles at this size will make a 5′ long garland.

Affixing the Garland
Garland hanging in my office

Using removable clear Command hooks, I secure each end of the garland to the top of the mantel.

Removable hooks
Very patriotic!

Here is the finished garland. It is so simple and very colorful!

5′ long garland
Fabric Garland
Cotton flag fabric

Finding yards and yards of this flag fabric in our garage inspired me to try a different type of garland…one with torn strips of material.

Cut 2 1/2″ strips

Since the fabric is 42″ wide, I cut 15 notches at 2 1/2 ” wide. Tearing the strips along the width of the fabric is quite satisfying! I end up with 15 2 1/2″ x 42″ strips.

Remove selvage

I fold the strips in half and cut and tidy up the edges by cutting off the selvage using pinking shears. Now I have 30 strips of fabric which I tie onto a length of twine.

Assemble the Garland
Tie strips to twine

Here you can put the fabric strips as close together or as far apart as you’d like. As you are tying on the strips, make sure the lengths match.

Make sure lengths are comparable

Once all the strips are on the twine, your garland is complete!The most time consuming part of this is tying on all the strips of fabric.

Fabric garland

This rag garland can be made with any fabric or individual strips of red, white and blue material. Cute gingham would work too. This is so easy and would be a fun project with children. All it takes is ripping and tying and doing it yourself!

Fun ways to use garland! See post here.

I hope this post will inspire you to create a DIY patriotic garland. You don’t need a mantel or fireplace. This garland would look fun on a door or window frame, over a table or strung between trees. Be creative! Share your projects with me, as I love seeing what you design.

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    Michelle, I just tried it on my end and it takes you to an Amazon page with several of them. Not sure why it isn't working. Here is the link. Hope it works.

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    Such a great way to show off your mantle and your creativeness. Love the paintings hung above the mantle. Great job.