DIY Skull & Snake Cloche

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I love some Dollar Tree Halloween décor. The plastic skulls are great as they are or all made up into some new decoration.

Of course, I have about 10 waiting on standby.

So, with all of the skulls I have sitting around the house, I must not have noticed when one fell perfectly underneath the ottoman.

My fiancé hates scary. Anything horror or spooky makes him ready to walk the other way.

It really was an accident that a skull just happened to be positioned under the ottoman that he just happens to work out by. And it was definitely not my intention for him to come face to face with a boney nightmare when he started his sit-ups and stretches. There were screams – it was all very dramatic.

Does he think I planned this? Absolutely.

Had I known I was missing a skull? I may have had a hunch.

After this small incident, I obviously had to do something with the standby skulls before they were hidden from me forever.

The suspect skull now lives on our dining room table in a super cute cloche with some additional friends.

I’m super excited to share how I made this below!

$10 cloche from Target

Step 1

First, I gathered the skulls I planned to use. I had a bag of miniature plastic skulls as well and decided they would work well for what I was planning. All three of the skulls here came from the Dollar Tree.

Step 2

I drilled two holes into the skull. One on the top and one through the eye.

Step 3

Then, I painted the main skull black. I mixed gold acrylic paint with some black and painted the smaller skulls with that mix.

Step 4

As the paint dried, I pulled out some polymer clay to construct a couple of clay snakes for the skulls. I used four colors, but that’s up to personal preference. In this project, I used black, white, metallic gold, and metallic rust. I took each color and rolled them out by length.

Step 5

I then took the rolls and twisted them around each other.

Step 6

When I was happy with how the coloring looked I began to form the snake.

Step 7

After that, I cut the snake in half and formed it so that when it baked, the snake would dry into the form I wanted to use on the skull.

Step 8

Then I baked the snake at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.

Step 9

The holes drilled into the large skull are for the snake pieces. I widened the holes just enough to make it look like half of my snake was coming out of the top of the head and the other half was coming out of the eye socket.

Once the skulls were dry, I used Loctite glue to secure the snake how I wanted into the large skull.

I stacked the other two small skulls on top of each other and then glue them to rest along the side of the larger skull. I also painted a couple of teeth on the larger skull gold to add a little extra character.

Step 10

After that, I opted to make an additional snake that sits in the cloche.

Step 11

I found small, foam bones at the Dollar Tree and a bag of moss. I took out some moss and placed that on the stand of my cloche. I opted not to glue it down as I most likely will change the moss and skulls out in the future.

Step 12

I placed the skull structure on top of the moss and positioned the moss around it so it sat deeper in the moss.

I placed the additional snake behind the two small skulls.

I scattered a few of those white foam bones inside.

Step 13

Then, I put the top on the cloche and it was done!

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