Dollar Store Pumpkin Buckets All Up In Your Tree!

3 Materials
2 Hours
That's right! All up in your tree!
These are the buckets looking epic...who said 'Bryan that's tacky?'

I know these look tacky, but for me, it's in a fun way! This decor is easy and very doable.
Drop by your local dollar store and grab some plastic pumpkin buckets.
Get those bad boys home and remove the handles and drill in some drainage holes. I bought three different styles of plastic pumpkin buckets. I love collecting these and using them for Halloween crafts. You could say that I'm a plastic pumpkin bucket aficionado (fixes bowtie)

Last step-Hang them in your tree...or any tree. Surprise a stranger and hang a bunch of these in their tree.

I used outdoor twine to hang these. You can use anything that can hold up to the weather. I wouldn't recommend yarn or craft twine.
Little cute pumpkin!
Throw some glow sticks in the buckets too for some extra awesomeness!
I usually hang paper clay pumpkins in the tree! You can check those out here:

Super easy! :)

Come check me out on FB or The Gram! I've got a lot of cool stuff in the works for Halloween. Not this tacky...a little this tacky.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic pumpkin buckets
  • Twine
  • Tree
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  • Rayana Lum Rayana Lum on Aug 11, 2020

    Aloha Bryan I’m writing from Maui, I recently moved into a cute brand new 2 bedroom apartment here in lovely Kihei Maui. I love this idea for my cute little outdoor front lanai (patio) space. I love that exact tree! Is that a ficus benjamina? Looks like! or some kind of a bayan?

  • Lauren. Lauren. on Aug 16, 2020

    Bryan, I am SOOO HAPPY to see your post. Last year I saw your party decorations the masks/heads on the buffet. You texted about the festivities where you are and how they are different from the USA. I enjoyed checking those out so much. Thank you. Also enjoyed your privacy idea for windows on street side. NOTHING YOU CREATE WILL EVER BE TACKY!! Glad to see you have a sense of humor and childlike love of Halloween as do I.