Dollar Tree Shabby Hanging Heart

Cyndi Valerino
by Cyndi Valerino
3 Materials
3 Hours

Turn 2 Dollar Tree wooden hearts into hanging decor.

I found some wooden hearts at dollar tree and, along with quite a large haul, took home a heart like this, and a solid wood heart. I didn't have anything in mind for it, but that never stops me!

I forgot to snap a pic of the solid one so this already has paint on it. Actually, when I started I wasn't going to use this one but things changed quickly.

The first thing I did was remove the slats. I used my paint scraper and very carefully slid the blade under each slat until it came off. Remember, these came from Dollar Tree, are probably balsa wood and they are very easy to break. Take your time and wiggle the blade under each one. If a slat breaks, it doesn't matter. But you don't want the heart pieces to break.

I mixed brown and black acrylic paint, and watered it down very thin. As soon as I applied it to a piece, I immediately wiped it off with a paper towel.

Pay no attention to the painted slats. I was going to use them, then decided not to. Instead, I painted the solid heart in the same manner.

Once the acrylic stain was dry, I used 2 coats of white chalk paint on the pieces. The solid heart I left stained.

Sand the chalk painted pieces until you are satisfied with the result.

Then glue them to the stained heart, leaving spaces between each piece. I used hot glue because I'm impatient.

Next I took some homemade Mod Podge and imitation gold leaf. If you use gold leaf on a project, please use the correct adhesive. They make a size adhesive specifically for gold leaf. This is imitation gold leaf, and just a dollar tree craft, so I used watered down glue, which is all Mod Podge is. Use a good quality PVA glue and water it down until it's like milk.

I randomly painted some glue in splotches, then let it set for just a moment or two.

Carefully lift the gold foil, using the tissue paper. Lay it on the glued areas. Gently smooth it down. After a few minutes, GO OUTSIDE and with a soft, clean brush start wiping the excess off. Where ever there was glue, it will stick and the rest will easily brush off. This is very messy and the foil is feather light and will go everywhere. I highly suggest going outside to do this part.

Once all excess pieces have been removed, you can burnish it with a soft cloth.

This is how it will look.

This is the fun part! I tied lace around it, made and added a bow and lace tails and stuck a flower in it. This flower came from the Dollar Tree. I think it's made from a pinecone. I spray painted it white. (It was a soft beige.) I added a lace loop to hang it with and seriously, I love it!

Suggested materials:
  • Large wood hearts   (Dollar Tree)
  • Imitation Gold leaf   (Amazon)
  • Paint, lace   (Had on hand)
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