Felt Heart Pillow Banner

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For Valentine's all the stores carry those cute felt heart shapes and I definitely have my fair share of them. I decided to do something fun with them. I created a fun banner with them.


Felt hearts, yarn, some filling polyfill (I had Buffalo Snow) scissors and a hot glue gun

I start with making the pompoms

Wrap yarn around your hand about 20 times

Pull off your hand slowly and tie in the middle with a piece of the yarn

Cut the loops in the middle on both sides

Now you have a pompom

Start threading the yarn through the holes of the heart. Stop half way through add a dab of glue on the inside bottom point of the heart. Then grab one of the strings of pompom and place in glue. Stuff heart with filling and continue to thread yarn.

Once at the top tie off both ends.

Loop one of the ends and glue down. The loop is where you will run the string to hang your banner. I just used to same yarn I wrapped around my heart. You can use jute or any other strong string.

Make several of these. As many as you'll need to display across.

I love how this turned out!

You can also just make a single heart with a longer loop and display it anywhere.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Let me know what you think!!❤

Suggested materials:

  • Felt hearts   (Dollartree, Michael's, Target)
  • Yarn   (Michael's, Joanns)
  • Polyfill or buffalo snow   (Michael's or Joanns)
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