Halloween DIY Craft: Boho Ghost Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

2 Materials
10 Minutes

Get into the spooky holiday spirit with this fun Halloween DIY craft the whole family will enjoy! No knowledge of macrame knots is needed to create this project. Instead, a wrapping technique is used.

Macrame Ghost finished design.

Step 1) Begin by forming the bottom arch by wrapping the 30” 2mm 3ply cord around the 6.5” 5mm 3ply cord approximately 1.5” from the end. (A)

Step 2) Continue wrapping until you reach the opposite end, leaving out 1.5” of the 5mm 3ply cord. Secure the wrapping cord to the inner cord with a hot glue gun and trim the excess wrapping cord. (B)

Step 3) Apply a thin layer of hot glue and fold the wrapped macrame in half to secure. (C)

Step 4) Repeat steps 1-2 with the 40” wrapping cord and 85” inner cord to create the top arch. To attach the arches together, work in small sections by applying a thin layer of hot glue until the arches are secured to one another. (E)

Step 5) Comb through the ends of the macrame cord to create fringe and cut to a desired length.

Step 6) Using black polyester felt, cut out two small circles and one oval to create the eyes and mouth. Secure to macrame with hot glue. *Optional: Using white polyester felt, cut out two circles to create pupils for the eyes. (F)

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Suggested materials:
  • Macrame cord   (ganxxet)
  • Polyester felt   (michael's craft store)
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