Halloween Haunted House

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1 Hour

I'm alllll about the crafts to decorate the house for occasions like Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas, Easter. Here is a lovely fun project to get the kids involved with for halloween. Really effective, keeps them entertained for a while and pretty simple too :-)

Here's everything you'll need. Some black card and white card, colouring pencils, a regular pencil for drawing, a Stanley knife, some scissors and a chopping board.

First, draw a castle outline on your black card. The detail on the edges can be as intricate as you like aslong as you can cut it out, but you need to make sure your turrets or sections are wide enough to have windows which can be cut out.

Next, draw on your windows. You can get as creative as you like for this part, experimenting with sizes, shapes, some with double doors etc. Just bear in mind you have to be able to cut it in a way that will allow it to open and close.

Cut out your castle silhouette with a pair of scissors.

Next use a Stanley knife to cut out the windows. Make sure you don't cut all the way around the window or it won't open, it'll just fall out! You need to leave a section of card attached to create a flap which opens and closes the windows. Make sure you put your card on a chopping or cutting board before you start cutting with a Stanley knife- nobody wants big slices out of their dining table or worktops!

After the steps so far you should have something that looks a bit like this. The style of the castle will of course vary (this is my daughter's, and the castle pictured in the step above was my son's. He wanted more of a battle style castle than pointy fairytale style). Once you have your outline and the windows are cut out, stick it to your white card. Be careful not to glue the windows down!

Now it's time to really get creative! Begind each window and door, draw a different halloween item/monster. Spiders with webs, pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, skeletons etc are all ideas you can choose from. Be as creative as you like here- this is the fun but when your haunted house/Castle becomes your own! Don't forget to decorate the background too.

There you have it! A fun halloween craft for all the family to enjoy and to add to your spooky decor too! My 2 children have loved showing family members what's behind all the openings! Boo!

Happy halloween:-)

Suggested materials:

  • Card   (The works)
  • Colouring pencils   (Tesco)
  • Stanley knife   (Tesco)
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