Halloween Home Decor: Add Halloween Trees in Your Living Room

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If you have been reading a while, you may have gotten that hit that I love Halloween home decor. Each year, I choose a spooky theme and go crazy.

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This year, I wanted to spray paint some apples black, to make them look like poisoned apples and thus the spooky enchanted forest idea was born.

Here is what you will need to Make your Haunted Forest:

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Some Spooky Forest Animals and Accessories like Spider Webs, ect.
Tree branches
Black spray paint
PVC pipe thick enough to fit your branches
Wood 4x4s
A PVC cap that fits your pipe
Spooky lighting (aka colored light bulb)

Halloween Home Decor: How to add a Halloween Tree to your Space

First, gather branches and spray paint them black. I was lucky enough to have a tree with a lot of dead branches and a husband who humored me and cut them down for my Halloween home decor!

Choose branches that will look like little dead trees. Lay them down and spray paint them black on each side.

Prepare your PVC:

Use a saw to cut your PVC into foot long strips. They make special PVC cutters that you can use, but since it was a small job, I just used my regular saw. These pieces of PVC will be the “vases” that will hold your branches up.

How to Assemble your Halloween Tree Base

For the base, I used some scrap 4x4s. I did one longer 4×4 with space for three trees and two small 4x4s that each holds one tree.

To make the base, simply drill a hole through your plastic PVC cap and then drill it into the wood.

Attach your PVC pieces into the caps. I used a mallet to make sure it was in super tight.

Spray paint your bases to match your trees.

Assemble your Haunted Forest

Place your bases inside or outside where you would like to place your forest. If you can, choose a spot where the bases will be concealed.

Place your black branches into their holders, and “poof” instant enchanted forest!

Add the Finishing Touches

Now it’s time for the fun part! Be sure to add some spooky colored light onto your trees (you want those scary haunted forest shadows)

Add a basket of poison apples, some snakes, a frog, some spider webs, some pumpkins, bats and maybe a monster! These DIY rat decals are awesome too!

Your imagination is the limit and this theme can go with so many spooky Halloween home decor ideas! Be sure to add spooky music as well!

The Finished Halloween Trees

I hope you enjoyed creating an entire Halloween haunted forest in your living room! Be sure to check out these Halloween party ideas and these awesome DIY Halloween crafts

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  • Em Em on Sep 17, 2021

    If you have a magnolia tree in your area get sticks from them. They have a perfectly shaped "Halloween" look to them that you would find in a scary movie.

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Sep 17, 2021

    LOVE your idea. The branches could be decorated year round. Something like this could be mounted under an eave or on a wall for horizontal branches. Friend o'mine suspended a branch from the ceiling using fishing line and thumbtacks🙃

    Thanks for the inspiration, & Happy Halloween!