How I Made Spooky Halloween Crafts on a Budget!

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Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I love decorating with spooky crafts that don't break the budget. In fact, all of my Halloween decor was either a cheap DIY, items from the dollar store or half priced items from the previous year.

Do you have glass bottles in your recycling bin? Why not use them for some spooktacular candle holders?

Start off by soaking the bottles in soapy water to get the labels off. Then I spray painted all the wine and beer bottles I gathered with black metallic paint (you may recall this spray paint for my door knob refresh!)

Then I purchased black candles from amazon to and used the bottles as a spooky candle holder!

Another way to make every day items Halloween ready is with some double sided tape, hot glue and dollar store spiders and eye balls! I had these plain boring candle sticks. So I used double sided tape and mini spiders to crawl up them!

I love these deep red peonies from the craft store, but when you are ready to make them Halloween themed, just hot glue a plastic eye ball to the middle of the flower!

This was perfect for my front door wreath! Keep an eye out for any amazon package nappers!

My final, cheap and easy Halloween DIY is pipe cleaner spiders. This is a great one to do with kids.

Take 5 pipe cleaners and bend them in half over lapping the ends.

Then twist the ends over each other once.

Cut the first two pipe cleaners to make antennas.

Then bend the other 8 ends to make spider legs.

Finally, I like to create a figure 8 on the back of the spiders body by looping the top pipe cleaner.

Then just spread out all the legs to create a creepy crawly spider!

I actually had a old Halloween candle holder that was a hand me down. The candle holders were missing so I made it into a spider filled tree! Ahhhh so scarey!

Suggested materials:

  • Black pipe cleaners   (craft store)
  • Double sided tape   (craft store)
  • Hot glue gun   (craft store)
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