How I Made Valentine's & St. Patti's Décor From an Old Book!

4 Materials
30 Minutes

I decided to do a quick last minute Valentine's craft with the kiddo. All you need is an old book, makers and some string.

I tour out some pages of the book and used an cookie cutter as a stencil to draw a heart.

Then I colored in the heart with some Crayola markers.

Fold each page over about and inch and place the folded part over a jute rope.

Then staple the folded over flap around the rope.

This came out to be such a fun garland for over the fire place! It's a great craft with small children and, oh yea IT'S FREE! If it's free it's for me, am I right?

As a side note, did you know that any TV can be one of those "framed art TVs" just search for "classic art" in youtube! Much cheaper then buying a fancy pansy new TV!

The same method can be applied for St. Patti Day décor. I found a shamrock from a beaded necklace I suppose I acquired one year our at the bars (in my youth  ) and used it as a stencil.

Suggested materials:

  • Old book
  • Markers
  • Jute rope
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