How To Turn a Mason Jar Into a Frankenstein Beverage Cup

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Frugal crafts are simply the best. If you already own a few mason jars you are off to a great start. You will need to gather or collect a few more supplies to put together these jar. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to create each jar. Clever and inexpensive
Best part of all… When you are done using, simply pull off the balloon and you have your mason jar back for preserving your apple sauce
1. First wash and dry your jars so they are ready for serving
2. Then cut off the long skinny part of the green balloon and cut part of the other end of the balloon as well. You want there to be a hole on each end of the balloon.
3. Stretch the balloon over the bottom half of the cup.
4. Cut the black balloon like you did the green. On one end you can cut out a bit of angles for Frank’s hair do.
5. Stretch the balloon over the top half of the balloon.
6. Lift one end of the balloon on the jar and make a very small slit in the green balloon for the mouth. It will stretch and form an ‘O’ shape on it’s own.
7. Hot glue two googly eyes onto the balloon.
8. Using a Sharpie, draw on stitches.
Don’t forget the very last step…..add in a great straw and have some fun (ok two last steps)
To View my Finished Frankenstein Cup - Click here
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Suggested materials:

  • Mason Jars   (
  • Green Balloon   (local craft store)
  • Black Balloon   (local craft store)
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Jennifer Schreiner
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  • Jamie Jamie on Oct 03, 2016
    LOVE THIS! Brilliant! Do you know how to make Santa ???

  • Mary Hofstra Mary Hofstra on Oct 03, 2016
    How do you keep the balloons from rolling up or down, depending on which balloon is on top, the green or black?

  • Glenna Potish Glenna Potish on Oct 03, 2016
    Could you Modge Podge or something similar over balloons before gluing on eyes and adding any other features to help seal the ends of the balloons to one another? I'm just wondering if these were used for a child's party, especially, that the edges of the different colors would move or curl a bit with little sticky fingers, etc. Just Hodge Podge below the neck of the jar in case that was used for drinking.


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