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2016 was a year were all hell broke loose. in the spring found out that the electrical counter were switched since the reconstruction of the semi detached dwelling I live in. So since my neighbor did not pay his electric bill, my electricity was cut and I had been paying his consumption and he was paying "when he felt like it I guess" mine. It took about a month for the Hydro Québec to correct the bills. Next my washer went bezerk and I had to get a new washer and dryer. Now September came along and for a birthday present my lovely Kia Sedona Van died, and I had to sent it to the scarp yard. But before I kept a few item that I could keep like my carpets and I also took the steering wheel cover. And this is what I will make in to my Good Luck Wreath FOR 2017
My first step was easy just tape it shut, after all my steering was no longer there
Cover it with glitter tape, all around
I needed to bring in the New Year, so I attached an old wall clock and set to 5 minutes to minight
Well now I needed a sash to put the year numbers on, and on went my thinking cap. I would also need evergreen and I have one in my yard. I also have a maple tree and the bark is coming off, easy pickings. I managed to get a nice strip off., and glued the year 2017 on.
Good old glue gun put to work on the sash, sprigs and ornaments.
And now I can wish for a better year
Suggested materials:
  • Steering wheel cover   (from my deceased car)
  • Duck tape   (any color will do)
  • Glitter tape   (dollarama)
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  • Monique Daviau Monique Daviau on Feb 13, 2017
    I figured the holidays is only a limited time, and I wanted to wish a good year to everyone

  • Linda Linda on Dec 27, 2017
    Making this right now for a sister whose 2017 included Spring: cheating husband divorcing her after 30+ years, resulting in sale of home of 30 years. Summer: dear boss of 25+ years died of cancer & company relocated. Fall: beloved father died. Winter: the locusts didn't arrive so I imagine we'll burn the wreath at midnight & praise God for a new start in a new year!