Repurposed Thanksgiving Home Decor Using A Fan Blade and Lace

4 Materials
3 Hours
Dust off those fan blades that you put in your garage or grab some from the Habitat for Humanity Restore to make this unique holiday decoration for your front door or add some charm to your living room wall. Use any color of spray paint and different lace patterns to make these elegant decorations.
Supplies: spray paint, fan blade, lace
Supplies needed: Spray Paint (Brown Boots, Leather Brown, Rose Gold, & Garnet used for this project), Fan Blade, Lace (Leaf pattern used for this project), and Fabric or Burlap Bow or other embellishments (optional)
Original color (top), spray painted (bottom)
Clean the fan blade front and back to remove dust and grime. Let dry completely. Lightly sand the blade to "de-gloss" so the paint will adhere better. Remove the dust with a clean cloth. Paint the front and back of the blade with a base color. The color Brown Boots was used as a base color for this project.
Lace used as a stencil
Pick a side and lay the lace over the blade to be used as a stencil. Lace with a leaf pattern was used for this project. Find lace in fabric stores, or thrift stores (use lace curtains, doily, or old lacy shirt).
Original color (top), Finished (bottom)
Start with one color and spray over the lace. Wait a few minutes and very carefully pick up a corner to make sure it is the desired effect that you want. Spray again if you want it darker. Once that color is complete, very slightly move the lace up or down and spray with another color to create a "ghosting" effect. Optional - do the "ghosting" effect with a third color. I did the "ghosting" effect with these colors in this order: Leather Boots, Rose Gold, and Garnet.
Add a bow or other embellishment
Let your project completely dry for an hour. Add a bow or embellish as desired. A wired burlap bow with pinecone accents was used for this project.

Suggested materials:

  • Spray Paint - any colors   (Walmart or Hardware Store)
  • Ceiling Fan Blade   (Habitat for Humanity Restores/ Thrift Stores)
  • Lace   (Fabric Store)
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