Ribbon Flag for 4th of July

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I love the 4th of July. Next to Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. There’s something special about a day filled with festivals, family, parades and sunburns. Then it’s followed with a night filled with BBQ and fireworks….all while celebrating America! Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

One thing that I am trying to get better at doing this year is making DIYs and decorating for the seasons. Some of you may think it is silly to decorate for seasons other than Christmas, but I love having the decorations changed around every so often. The holidays feel so much more special when there are little reminders around your house. I’d love to hear what you’ve been DIYing lately for 4th of July Decor! Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s DIY 4th of July Decor is part of the monthly Craft Room Destash Challenge, which is always one of my favorite projects every month. I bet you have a lot of these supplies sitting around in your craft room too! I mean, who doesn’t have a branch from outside and some fabric and ribbon laying around!? You can help clean up your craft stash by making this fun 4th of July decor.

Step 1: Prepare the twig

We had recently cleaned up some of the trees at our house, so we had a pile of twigs and I just found one that was relatively straight. I took my pruning shears and cleaned up the twig a bit by snipping off all of the side branches. Then I cut it down to size of about 15 inches wide. After that I rubbed the twig down with a rag to get all of the loose bark off before taking it inside the house.

If you are using a wooden dowel, you’d obviously skip this step. Just cut the dowel down to size.

Step 2: Cut burlap

I started by cutting my burlap down into strips. I didn’t quite know how many stripes my flag was going to have so I played this part by ear. When it was all said and done, I had 5 strips on the “rag” flag. I cut the burlap about 1 inch wide. To make a ribbon American flag hanging the same size as mine (which ended up being about 15''x15''), you will need strips at least 17 inches long.

Step 3. Continue cutting ribbon and fabric

I continued cutting down my fabric strips and ribbon to about 17 inches long and started making a pile.

Step 4. Tie strips to twig.

Seriously guys…yes, this 4th of July decor really IS this simple. You just start tying the strips of burlap, twine, ribbon and fabric to the twig. I did about 3-4 different shades of red and white, alternating in stripes as I made my way across the twig.

If you are trying to make this a certain size, remember you will lose about 2 inches of length at the top of the ribbon where you tie it on.

Step 5. Add blue ribbon.

Once you’ve made it all the way across the twig with the strips of red and white ribbons, you can add in the blue. I just chose some simple navy ribbon and lace that I had on hand. Remember this is all about using what you have so you can clean up that craft supply stash!

I tied the blue ribbons right in on tip of the red and white that were already there. Then I cut them down to size, so they formed a square (about 6 inches or so).

Step 6. Add twine hanger.

The hanger so was simple. I grabbed my red & white baker’s twine, cut down to about 30 inches long and tied the ends on each side of the flag hanging.

Hop on over to this blog post to see how to I styled this ribbon flag in my house on some chippy paint vintage windows.

Suggested materials:

  • Scraps of flag print burlap (or red burlap)   (Thrift Store)
  • Red ribbon   (Michael's)
  • Red & white bakers twine   (Amazon)
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Chelsea @ Making Manzanita
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  • Looks really nice. Great job!

  • Sharon Fox Nichols Sharon Fox Nichols on Jun 25, 2017
    Fun project! I've seen wonderful "scrap strips" of lace, old napkins, doilies, and cut up lace table cloths done as you have into a very special feminine display. It can be hung in front of windows, scalloped from small nails carefully spaced out, and over beds as pseudo-head boards.