Rope Ghost

Jackie Barrell
by Jackie Barrell
4 Materials
30 Minutes

If you want to change out your wall decor for something a little Halloweenish, this Rope Ghost DIY is for you!

Is he not the cutest little ghost you ever saw? And you’ll be surprised at how simple he is to make!

You can use any frame, it doesn’t even need to have glass, it will be removed.

Take the glass out and cover the frame backing with fabric, duct tape it in place, don’t worry how it looks, nobody will see the back

Place it back in the frame, and secure it with the clips or whatever closure your frame has

It should look like this

This rope is from the dollar store, but you can use any rope with the same results

Cut six lengths of rope

Fold them into each other to make the ghost shape, hot glue in place and then trim the bottom as needed to desired shape and fringe out the ends a bit

using black felt, cut out eyes and a mouth for your ghost

Like this

hot glue them on your ghost and your done!

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Suggested materials:
  • Frame
  • Fabric   (Walmart)
  • Black felt   (Walmart)
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