Tissue Box Challenge - Spooky Lantern

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I was inspired for this week's challenge by a large tissue box that I was just about to throw away. With Halloween just around the corner, an idea for a lantern came to mind...

Tissue Box

My tissue box in its original state (before the haunting).

Tools and Materials

  • Empty tissue box
  • Scissors
  • Pattern pieces
  • Cardstock
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Foam core
  • LED light
  • Plastic charger
  • Decor


I trimmed out the opening so that there was a 1/2" border all around.

Make Pattern Pieces

Make Pattern Pieces

I planned out and made pattern pieces for everything I was going to have to cut for this project. I wanted to cover the inside and outside with card stock for appearances and also stability.

Cut Out Tissue Paper

Cut Out Tissue Paper

I also cut out pieces of tissue paper that would be used to make the lantern front panel. This included a red moon and a larger red halo, white strips for fog, and two white rectangles that fit the silhouette panels.

Add Tissue Paper

Add Tissue Paper

One of the panels has a black sparkle side - this will be the front. I applied the white tissue to each of the panels after I laid them out in opposite directions. The front panel is on the left and the back of the front panel is on the right. It is the right panel that will be decorated with the various pieces.



Beginning with the pieces that will be furthest back, begin layering your scene. I used glue, but only in areas where it would not show through.

Halloween Scene

This is the completed scene in layers.

Adhere Front Panel

Adhere Front Panel

Once the layers were done, I adhered the front panel directly over the back panel, being careful to match up the edges perfectly.

Cover Inside and Outside

Cover Inside and Outside of the Box

I then covered the inside and outside of the box with the card stock I had chosen. I also had cut two squares of black foam core for the base and top and applied them.

Create a Hinge

Create a Hinge

I snipped the top and bottom of one front edge to form a makeshift hinge for the front panel.

Apply Panel to Hinge

Apply Panel to Hinge

I applied the panel to the "hinge". This way, I can get in and out to turn the light on and off. To keep the panel shut, I just use a glue dot at the top and bottom of the other side of the panel.

Add Decor

Place on Charger and Add Decor

This is the lantern unlit. I placed it on a plastic charger and added a few decorations with hot glue.

DIY Halloween LED Lantern

Add a Light

Here it is with the light turned on. It's just an led pop light sitting on the inside bottom of the lantern.

DIY Halloween Lantern

More detail of the lit up panel.

Copy my scene or make your own! Let me know what you come up with in the comments down below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Card stock   (Michael's)
  • Tissue box   (my closet)
  • Tissue paper   (my closet)
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