Valentine Gumball Machine

3 Materials
15 Minutes

I was in search of a gumball machine that is really popular right now. I couldn’t find one so I thought it would be fun to create one myself.

I want to start out with the finished project before I start telling you what I found to make it.

They have these lovely warmers at Dollar Tree.

I spotted them in pink, white and a pretty blue.

Remember the back is open because it holds a tealight normally. You can find it on the candle isle.

This votive holder is the perfect size to fit on top of the tealight warmer. It too was on the candle isle in Dollartree.

These cute set of glass dishes were found in Dollartree. They are down the glassware isle. You only need one but they are a perfect condiment size dish.

All you need to do is stack the pieces. You use the tealight warmer as base. Put glass votive container on top. Make sure you use the open part on top. Do not invert it because you will be filling it with your goodies.

I added some pink burlap ribbon that I had in my stash. It was also found at Dollartree. I filled mine with sweet tart candy conversation hearts.

The great thing with this project is you can spray paint the base any color you want.

You also can fill it with endless items. Such as fake fruit pieces, moss balls, beads and so much more. Plus, throw a ribbon on it and it changes it up.

This one has a different filler. Moss balls from Dollartree and festive ribbon. Just a sample of making it look different.

Suggested materials:

  • Wax melt container   (Dollartree)
  • Candy   (Walmart)
  • Glass pieces   (Dollartree)

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