Wood Frame Tic Tac Toe

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I found this awesome Un-stained tic tac toe board and wanted to do something different with it. I mean different to me is doing girlie colors. Always having a house of males deterred me from it.

I found the rather large in stained tic tac toe board at hobby lobby. Plus, the upside it was half off.

I primed the X’s and O’s With gray primer and let dry.

I laid out all the X’s and O’s On mat that I don’t care if it gets overspray. Make sure it is outdoors and not windy when spraying. I picked out pink to be my peek a boo color. Spray let dry and give it a second coat and let dry.

Then while the X’s and O’s Are drying I took the board and sprayed it with a chalk paint. I also repeated after it dried.

Now for the fun part. You will need at least 5 sheets of pretty patterned scrapbook paper. You will take a letter and trace it. The trick that I did was cut inside the line by atleast an 1/8th of inch. Because I want my pink to show on all edges. Repeat this for all letters. Make sure as you go that you place them in the order that looks good to your eyes.

I decided on some pretty pink and green florals. Once you see them in the actual letters you may notice some do not work. In my collection of papers the green and white chevron looked bad.

I also wanted the edges of all the paper to have a pretty finished look. I used a shiny ink pad I had on hand and lightly put a edging on all the cut out letters.

Time to adhere them to the wood. I used a cheap small flat paint brush and matte modge podge. I placed the paper on the letter and did one corner at a time. You start by putting a thin layer of modge podge on the wood letter one corner at a time then press it on smoothly with your finger. Making sure to try and get all the air pockets out. Do this step with all the letters.

Time to put on the top layer of modge podge after the first layer is completely dry. I let it dry in between two coats.

I wanted to adhere the X’s and O’s to the board so I used nano double sided tape. Worked like a charm.

My next step will be to add hangers to the back because I will be using it as wall decor. Notice how well the tape works?

I hope you enjoyed my tic tac toe board design makeover.

Thank you for looking.

IG Dreamoakdecor

Suggested materials:

  • Tic tac toe board   (Hobby lobby)
  • Paint   (Walmart)
  • Tape   (Amazon)
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