Yet Another Hanging Heart Craft

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In the last 4 days, I've posted 3 heart crafts. And not for Valentine's Day but for ME! ❤

At the end of my last posted craft, I said I was done with the heart crafts. Now I'm done! Even though I still have dozens of wooden hearts! 💕

I bought 60 various shapes of hearts from Amazon for I think $10. I haven't used this shape yet.

I put a hole in the top and bottom of 4 of them, and just the top of one.

I mixed a brown acrylic with water for a very thin paint. Each heart was painted twice.

After they dried, I took a chap stick and randomly swiped it across each heart, going with the grain.

There are a few different things you can use, and each will have a slight different effect. You can use chap stick, vasoline, a candle or a bar of soap. Use what you have or want.

Chapstick smeared across brown paint

Next, I painted them with 2 coats of red chalk paint. Let them dry completely.

Once they are completely dry, rub them with a paper towel or rag. Anywhere the chap stick ( or wax or whatever you used) was, the paint will not stick, giving a beautiful distressed look.

I had some rusty chain from an old hanging planter. I linked the 5 hearts together with the chain.

My daughter's fiancee said my house "looks like a museum". I have stuff E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

And that's how I like it.

She's a complete minimalist. She may not be my daughter.

(Just kidding, just kidding)

Anyhow, I hope you like some of my heart crafts, and I really hope something inspires you!

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden hearts   (Amazon)
  • Brown acrylic paint   (Had on hand)
  • Red chalk paint   (Had in hand)
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  • Janine Janine on Feb 10, 2021

    I’m with you, everyone in my family is a minimalist but me. I like to look around and have something to see everywhere. I’m glad that I’m not the only one out there ! Thank you for your ideas. Please keep posting!