DIY Father's Day Leather Key Chain

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Are you stumped as to what to get for Dad this Father’s Day? I personally get the double whammy with my hubbies birthday being just one week before Father’s Day. Wowzers! Not only do I need to get creative, but I need to do it back to back. Just a little pressure!
I know that as a DIYer it is crazy easy to come up with ideas for gifting to girls and women, but a DIY gift for the men in your life can be a tad trickier. Obvious gifts for him are of the techie sort…but this girl is not out to create anything electronic or super gadgety. So, I routinely find myself scrolling through the Pinterest world in hopes of discovering a unique and genius project that I know my hubby would love (or at least not scratch his head at).
More often than not, my searches prove a bit unproductive. Yes, there are cool ideas out there…but Sean’s style is pretty specific (and a little picky). I knew I wanted it to be utilitarian and masculine. Those are two things that I know he appreciates. I finally had a light-bulb-moment when I remembered how Sean kept leaving his key in the door or just plan loosing it (for some reason he had been carrying around his house key loose). He is not much into anything frivolous. He refuses to even carry my keys due to the leather tassel I created a while back.
There it was, “DING”…the light bulb moment!! I was going to make my man a key chain that was simple and masculine.
This project is so simple, that there is still time enough to tackle it for Father’s Day.
Cut your leather into a long strap that you can fold in half.
Using the awl, work it through both sides of your folded leather.
It takes a bit of patience to work the hole big enough for the bolt to go through…but it really is not difficult. Just give it a bit of time. I found that using a screw driver to twist the bolt through the leather did the trick perfectly!
Before you work the bolt through the second half, slide your key ring onto the leather strap and refold the leather.
Once the bolt is through both sides, cap it closed with a nut. You can have a ton of fun here if you peruse your local hardware store. There are so many cool and detailed hardware pieces that you can use to customize your key chain.
For a final touch, I busted out my wood burner for a quick design.
Haha, by the way, he LOVED it! I had to give it to him a skosh early because I was tired of him loosing that dang key! LOL
Happy Father’s Day Crafting!!

Suggested materials:

  • Scrap leather
  • An Awl ( for puncturing leather)
  • Scissors
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