DIY French Christmas Matches

3 Materials
30 Minutes
It's so nice to give scented candles to people as Christmas gifts. Giving a candle is a nice way to acknowledge teachers, co-workers, Sunday school teachers, Secret Santas, and hostesses. However, sometimes just a candle might not seem like enough. We came up with a simple little DIY gift that will really elevate the status of a candle. It's DIY French Christmas matches. Now, if you aren't into the French look, you could do these candles in any language, especially English. We just thought that using French added a nice international touch.
Then I printed it out and used the match box as a template and cut the paper to fit the box exactly. The translation from French to English is Merry Christmas, 300 candles, 25 cents. Centines went by the wayside when the euro was introduced in 1999. The centines are another nod to an old-fashioned look.
This little DIY project is so simple and so inexpensive. All you need is a box of kitchen matches, a piece of decorative paper, a glue stick, and a computer. I used a piece of scrap book paper that I cut to fit into our computer's printer. Although using wrapping paper would be pretty, I felt it would be too thin to go through the printer. I then went to the Word app on my computer and selected the font that I wanted to use. I was going for an old-fashioned vibe and used fonts that would portray that. Then I made sure that the fonts' sizes would fit on a box of matches.
This project is just so cute, and will make a perfect accompaniment to a scented candle. I am a lover of anything plaid during the Christmas season, and we always stick to the traditional green and red color scheme. However, you could go with any paper color and design to make this work for any holiday.
Even though this isn't a deal breaker, if you could find matches that are green or red, they will make your French Christmas matches even more festive. Have fun, and let us know in the comments section if you try it.

Suggested materials:

  • Matches   (Grocery store)
  • Scrapbook paper   (Craft store)
  • Glue stick   (Craft store)

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