Grain Sack Into Grocery Bag

I've had this old European grain sack for about a year. Was planing on making a few pillows with it, but thought a reusable grocery bag would be great for quick trips to the market. Here's how I did it.
Here's my victim. These suckers are deep (almost 3 1/2 feet) so I cut it almost in half. About 24 inches.
I turned my bag inside out and folded over the top edge about an inch. Then gave it a good press with a hot iron.
I used some leftover linen to make a separate bag just about the same size as my cut grain sack.
I slipped this new linen sack over my grain sack, just under the folded edge. Folded the edge down again, 2 inches this time, and gave it 2 rows of stitches to hold it down
Folded everything inside right again, and I'm left with a linen-lined grain sack that's just under 2 feet deep.
For a strap I used 2 belts from the men's department at Wal-Mart. Buckled them together and cut the buckle end off one. I used a nail to poke 4 holes in the belt.
Then used the holes as a template to make the new holes in my sack edge.
I used nuts and bolts to attach me handle to the edge of the bag. Just screwed them in and poked them through the holes I made in the sack.
I used a washer and a nut on the inside to keep them on tight.
Now it's the perfect size for grabbing a few things at the market.

Check the blog for more details on that Wal-Mart belt strap.
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