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From Farmhouse to Beachhouse. I absolutely love farmhouse decor. The problem is that I live at the beach. I’ve learned that I don’t have to give up farmhouse decor…I just need to beachify it!

Let’s get started.

The wood.

I had some leftover cedar boards from our landscaping fence project. With a 4 1/2 “ handheld circular saw and a jigsaw I easily cut the wood into tags. They measure about 3 1/2” inches wide. The length varies from 4 to 6”.

Drill the hole

I use my drill to make the whole on top of each. I picked the drill bit that most closely matched the size hole in the washer I am planning to attach.

Center the hole

I centered each whole on the top. When you drill it’s best to have a piece of scrap wood underneath. That helps the back side of the hole not to tear up extra wood.

Washers and Glue

I use E6000 glue to attach the washers. The washers give it a nice finished look. If you do want a farmhouse look there is a process to rust out the washers. But with the beachhouse look I want the washers to be nice and shiny.

Twine hangers

I used twine to add the hangers. I could have used a white rope for more of a beachhouse feel but I’m happy using twine.

Here is how I attached it. I folded the twine in half and put it through the hole from the back side. Then I put the two dangling strands through the loop.

Ready to paint

These are my go to stencils for a beach look. I designed them on the Silhouette program on my computer. Then I used inexpensive shelf liner for my stencil material and cut them on my silhouette machine.

Mod podge first and last

To make sure the paint stays within the stencil I added a little more stencil material to the outside edges. I then squished the stencil down with a tennis ball.

My next step is to apply mod podge and let it dry. This will help the paint not to seep under the stencil. Then with a foam stencil applicator I went back and added the color. Use a near dry pouncer to add the paint. While the paint is still a bit wet I carefully peeled off the stencil. To finish up this project I sealed it with a final coat of mod podge.

And there you go. Perfect little items to use in a tablescape, on a tiered shelf , hang around the house or give as gifts.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood   (From my stash)
  • Paint sample size   (Lowes)
  • Twine   (Amazon)
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