Make You Own FRIENDS TV Show Mug

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Are you a big Friends fan? If the answer is Yes, this DIY is for you :)

I've been watching this tv show for a long time and collected some merchandise already. Lately, I've been wanting to get a mug but I could not find any in my area. There are some but the price isn't reasonable.

Good thing I saw this purple mug for sale online and decide to recreate the peephole door in the tv show :)

This is very easy to make and will surely save a lot.

Let's start.

First, prepare the colors that you will need.

I got these stencils on google. We will use this to pattern our cutouts.

Then let's proceed in making the yellow frame.

Cut out your yellow clay into a frame then create the curve patterns to achieve that vintage look in their peephole.

Let it dry for a day. If needed use sandpaper to smoothen the imperfections in the surface.

Then we will proceed to the letters. Roll your clay into very thin stripes and follow along with the fonts. The full process of this is in my youtube video if you might want to check.

Once dried, use super glue to attach everything to the mug.

We are done! :) This is a nice gift idea for your friends who love FRIENDS.

Suggested materials:

  • Plain purple mug   (grocery)
  • Airdry clay   (homemade)

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