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Sometimes true love is enjoying the simple things in life together. My husband and I enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or cocoa while we discuss our plans and goals. It's those leisurely visits over a hot beverage we both cherish and have expressed it in many cards over the years. It's the simple things that mean so much as time passes.
My inspiration for this project was a plea I received in the mail asking for a donation to an Indian school not far from us. They kindly included one of their school projects, a "Dream Catcher." You know the leather bound circles with the beads and feathers hanging down from it. From that I decided my theme would be expressed in mugs and a special card.
We have been married nearly 39 years so we have many memories stacked up together. But this project would be good for first Valentines together to last, and anything in between. First I purchased some 99 cent packages of large valentines and even some beads and feathers. The theme of my valentine card would be "Making dreams come true" rather than just catching them.
On the funny side, to get some feathers in the craft section I had to buy a boa. You know the kind. Children use them in their beauty/dancing contests. Here's ole granny sitting in a wheel chair, hauling home a red feather boa to impress her valentine! The look on that young clerk's face!

Young clerks have no imagination; or maybe they have too much imagination. Anyway, I wanted the red feathers to match the card. I will take the boa apart and use it for future projects. Who cares what those young clerks at Walmart think? I had a good laugh with my husband over that one. Joy and laughter is so important in a relationship. It is called friendship.
Here's the card finished with red feathers, beads, and all. Remember it is the thought you put into your Valentine gift that counts.
The second purchase was some polish on sale for $1 a bottle. I used 3 colors: red, pink, and beige. I filled a disposable dish about 2/3 with water. Then I added the polish on the top. I made a video, but goofed in it and was not going to show it. Then I thought, no, this might help someone else not to err, so I am posting it here anyway. Have a good laugh!

This is a fantastic way to make marble looking mugs, but keep the top from going under water. It makes the cup a mess to clean inside. So do not let the top dip down in the water. My second set did turn out well, and I am able to clean the first set of "practice" cups.
They were dry to the touch in just a few minutes.
After dipping the cups in the polish, I set them on old catalogs and let them drip and dry. I moved them several times to keep the bottoms from sticking to the paper. It worked beautifully having catalog pages to turn and put the mugs on a dry surface to continue to set up. Let them set over night if you can, in a well vented area.
You can see where the polish came over the lip a tad on these two practice cups.
In case you missed my message on the card. I printed this on the computer in Word, changing the font size and color to red. The stickers held it on.
I wanted him to know he is still my dream come true in every way. He is my one and only, as I am to him; my true Valentine.
I added some glittery stickers to 3 wax faux candles and set them with the mugs for our coffee together in the morning. I also placed the Valentine card with it.
The "marbling" is beautiful and can be adapted to his/her favorite colors. It does not have to be red/pink/beige. I love these larger mugs and may do more to match our daily dishes.
For under $10 you can "WOW" your significant other with a true heart felt Valentine he/she will cherish for years to come.

Suggested materials:

  • 2 mugs   (Walmart or any department store)
  • Polish   (Walmart or any department or drug store)
  • Valentine packages   (Walmart or any department store)

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  • Jeaner Jeaner on Feb 07, 2018
    I love the one on the left! It looks like you can see what's underneath the white.
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Feb 08, 2018
    Thank you Jeruddy
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