How to Make Lanterns

How to Make Lanterns

Select your container

Decide on the container you would like to use for your lantern. Glass jars and empty tins are ideal.

Prepare your container

Clean your container by washing it with soapy water. If you're using a tin, make sure all the edges are smooth and safe to handle.

Decorate your lantern

Decorate the exterior of your container. Glass jars can be painted or decorated with colored tissue paper. Tins can have holes punched in them.

Give your lantern a handle

Make two holes on opposite sides at the top of the tin or tie a thin wire around the lip of the jar. A short length of wire can make a handle.

Light your lantern

Place a tea candle inside your lantern. Light it with a long-handled match. For battery operated lights, turn them on before placing them.

Top Projects for Making Lanterns

DIY Lantern Videos

Lanterns Made From Frames

Here's a project that is inexpensive, yet looks nice and can be used for any season, or just to have as part of your home decor. What's even better is that you're turning something as mundane as Dollar Tree frames into useful lanterns! Candle lovers, this one is for you! :)We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

DIY Balsa Wood Lantern

Hello summer! This year I have been determined to make my outdoor back deck the ultimate hangout space. I added some great comfy furniture, plants and flowers, and colorful throw pillows, but there was one thing missing: mood lighting! My favorite time to hangout on the deck is right as the sun sets, so we definitely needed some cozy lighting. I decided to DIY some lanterns that would not only fit our decor, but that would also be easy to accomplish. Today I am sharing the balsa wood lantern, inspired by some lanterns that I saw at my favorite home decor stores.Watch the video above to see how you can easily make your own, or keep reading for step by step instructions. Enjoy!

Handmade Halloween - Burlap Jack O Lantern

**update** An added benefit to this Halloween Decor is that you can remove the crumpled paper or stuffing and fold flat for storage. ** I belong to a Facebook group where people post pictures of things they have decorated. This woman posted a picture of her porch and it was decorated for Halloween. So cute. Amongst all her cute things were these burlap jack o lanterns and I asked her if she made them. She hadn't so I searched for them and I later found them online at AtHome. As luck would have it, it appeared that I had everything needed to make these so I thought I would give it a shot.


Looking for inexpensive Birthday gift ideas? How about these DIY Photo Frames Birthday Lanterns. Also great as House Warming gift, or as Room/Home decor.

New Making Lanterns Projects