DIY Christmas Ornament - #christmasornament

So please don't think I am too crazy when you see this.. I promise it looks lovely in the end. I love to upcycle and reuse things I already have. Unfortunately some of our Christmas ornaments have faded or simply are a bit old. Instead of throwing them out, try to think of some clever ways to reuse them..Here is what I did
I really wanted to give my old baubles some texture so added some rice..
I put a layer of PVA glue (or Elmers glue in USA) over the bauble . I used PVA instead of mod podge as I thought it is thicker so the rice would stick nicer to it.
sprinkle rice over the bauble, then seal with a layer of PVA and let dry. I repeated the step twice to make sure it is all covered. Then simply spray painted in gold, sprinkled some glitter and sealed with acrylic spray.
Hope you like the result!!

From Evija with Love
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Pat Guertin Pat Guertin on Nov 22, 2015
    what is the type of glue PVA?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 23, 2015
      @Pat Guertin I think it may be called Elmers glue in America, not sure about Canada. It is the white glue usually used for school crafts

    • Ruth Richardson Ruth Richardson on Nov 24, 2015
      @Deb Madden It is also Elmer's glue in Canada. In fact, you can make your own mod podge with a mixture of the white glue and water - no shortage of instructions on the 'net' - or use it as is for this clever project!

    • Dale Dale on Nov 24, 2015
      Very, very pretty! Perhaps one could color the rice different colors first, mix together THEN glue on for those who like multi-colored? Also, I'm assuming the rice is raw. ~v^

    • Marlene Bent Marlene Bent on Nov 24, 2015
      @Pat Guertin Here in the states Pat and probably Canada it would be Elmer's Glue. Available just about any where.

    • Marlene Bent Marlene Bent on Nov 24, 2015
      @Dale and yes the rice would be raw.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Dale yes definitely raw rice :)

    • Deb Madden Deb Madden on Nov 24, 2015
      @Ruth Richardson thank you for your explanation!

    • Jessica Lloyd Jessica Lloyd on Nov 24, 2015
      @Pat Guertin Pva is white glue like elmers or u could use mod podge :)

    • Sad2846190 Sad2846190 on Nov 25, 2015
      Hi pat pva glue is a water based glue, which is what we use in scotland. I used to wonder what mod podge was !!!

    • MK McDonald MK McDonald on Oct 31, 2016
      We just refer to it as white glue or white school glue.

  • Arlie W Arlie W on Nov 24, 2015
    Wow! Sure did change the look. I never used Modge Podge. Can someone please tell me how this differs from Elmers Glue? Thanks.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Arlie W Thank you. Mod Podge is similar to PVA glue (or elmers glue), but it is not only glue it is also a sealant. For most projects you can use either Mod POdge or PVA but the difference is that with PVA you would need to seal it afterwards as it is not watertight but with Mod Podge you dont. Mod podge cures after 28 days and is fully waterproof. For this project I chose PVA only because it is thicker than Mod Podge as I thought rice is quite heavy and PVA would hold it better whilst it was drying. Hope this helps

  • Lori Shinn Lori Shinn on Nov 24, 2015
    Considering doing this with an old ornament wreath that has seen better days. Do you think it can be done?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Lori Shinn don't see why not, may be a little messy as rice did come off a little whilst I was doing it.. you can use fine glitter, glass beads, anything with a bit of texture and the craft glue simply dries see through, so your options are endless :)

  • Maryfrancessandyplavidal Maryfrancessandyplavidal on Nov 24, 2015
    what is pva a sparkle? raring to try this today,,, it is so unique

    • Lynn Campbell Haungames Lynn Campbell Haungames on Nov 24, 2015
      @Maryfrancessandyplavidal PVA is elmers glue and sparkles I believe is glitter.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Maryfrancessandyplavidal yes sorry PVA is Elmers glue it dries clear so you can use it on many projects. The sparkle - Once the ornament was painted gold (and dry), I put a bit of glue on the areas where I wanted it to stick, then sprinkled some fine glitter from craft shop and let it dry, then sealed with clear acrylic spray right at the end.

  • Darla Darla on Nov 24, 2015
    what is PVA? is it like a preservative or something that makes the rice stay adhered?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Darla PVA is glue, crafter glue, I think you call it Elmers glue in America :)

    • Annie Doherty Annie Doherty on Jul 12, 2016
      PVA is a British brand oh glue, is used for all sorts of crafts, paper etc particularly good for decoupage. Maybe similar to modge podge?

  • Jacquie Jacquie on Nov 24, 2015
    Yes indeed! But what is ova glue?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Jacquie.wenning PVA is the craft glue used in schools, I think you call it Elmers glue in America :) you can also use mod podge

  • Molly anne K Molly anne K on Nov 24, 2015
    Has anyone tried to paint them a color?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 24, 2015
      @Molly anne K you can paint them in any colour you want, I just love gold and glitter and our tree is gold & red so opted for gold

  • Rhonda Humphreys Rhonda Humphreys on Nov 29, 2015
    Will the rice spoil?

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Dec 01, 2015
      @Rhonda Humphreys rice lasts forever

    • Jill Ron Pike Jill Ron Pike on Dec 03, 2015
      @Rhonda Humphreys you don't cook it, you use it dry and it will not spoil

    • Slr271991 Slr271991 on Oct 24, 2016
      Very pretty! Texture, color, sparkle.....genius!

  • Libby Satterwhite Libby Satterwhite on Dec 05, 2015
    can a Mason Jar work as well?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Dec 07, 2015
      @Libby Satterwhite I don't see why it couldn't work on a mason jar.. If you do try, I would love to see a photo! :)

    • Libby Satterwhite Libby Satterwhite on Nov 28, 2016
      I used a Mason Jar(s) & they were awesome! Some I soaked last rice layer in food coloring before using sealant. Others I add another layer of glue & used sparkles before sealant. Used Christmas Ribbons, Bows, Craft Beads, and/or Bells. I don't know how to post pics on computer. They ALL were very pretty & were LOVED by those that got them.

  • Ariane Ariane on Aug 31, 2016
    hallo i am from Germany and always looking for ideas for new ideas for our church bazar, now i have found your idea with the rice, but what is PVA? Is it a special glue, probably stronger than that what i use for working with paper napkins? Thanks for your help. greeting Ariane

    • Karen Goodman Karen Goodman on Sep 03, 2016
      It is just a type of glue. You can always use Elmer's glue as well.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Sep 06, 2016
      Yes Ariane, decoupage glue would work but may need to do several coats as it wont be as sticky as PVA, as I think it is slightly thinner. PVA is very thick white glue the type children use in school for the crafts, so it worked great. you could also use mod podge. hope it helps. would love to see what you do, please post a photo when you are finished. :)

    • Jayne Tomlinson Jayne Tomlinson on Oct 25, 2016
      PVA stands for Polyvinyl acetate (Polyvinylacetat). It has many many uses. Here in the UK is is also known as school glue. Very useful

    • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Oct 29, 2016
      White glue, school glue, it's the stuff you give kids because it's reasonably easy to clean up after they smear it all over. If you can't find it near you there are a ton of recipes to make your own using flour, water and one or two other common kitchen items.

    • Kathy Lovenburg Kathy Lovenburg on Oct 29, 2016
      I think for better sticking results Aleene's Tacky Glue would work great! It's thicker than school glue. Most craft stores carry it.

  • Carol Carol on Oct 24, 2016
    Would E6000 glue work?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 25, 2016
      I have not personally tried it, It may work, but I am not sure how E6000 would interact with the sprayy paint afterwards. Elmers glue would be best probably (even though it's a bit messy!)

    • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Oct 29, 2016
      I don't see how you'd spread E6000 without creating a huge mess. You don't want to use your fingers because you should avoid skin contact with the stuff, and it's really too thick to use a brush.

    • Jac Jac on Oct 29, 2016
      And expensive, compared to Elmer's.

    • MK McDonald MK McDonald on Oct 31, 2016
      And it dries more quickly

  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Oct 29, 2016
    would the rice bulbs cause bug problems when stored in boxes.?

    • Lucy Lucy on Oct 29, 2016
      I would think that any bugs would not survive with all the layers of glue and spray paint.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 29, 2016
      Hi, I made these last year and kept them in a plastic container after xmas. It is covered and totally sealed and I can honestly say nothing has happened and no creatures have got to it! :) I think if you store them properly and make sure all edible parts are covered in paint you should not have any problems.

    • Jud7872415 Jud7872415 on Oct 29, 2016
      With all the sealant I doubt mice would notice them but I would wrap them in a piece of bubble wrap and put them in individual zippy bags just to keep them safer. Glitter starts to fall off after a few years so I'll try the ricing when I haul everything out. How did you come up with the idea to use rice?

    • Carole Carole on Oct 29, 2016
      You would be surprised at what bugs will eat. Roaches, especially, will eat through it. Found this to be true with things that I made for my kids when teaching school. Granted they were in cardboard boxes and stored away in a closet at school, but bugs got them.

    • Karla Nye Karla Nye on Oct 29, 2016
      I wonder if bay leaf or lavender would repel pests if stored in the ziplocks with the ornaments?

    • Terri Halligan Terri Halligan on Oct 29, 2016
      Mice don't like peppermint. You could a ball of cotton with peppermint oil in the box. A lot of bugs don't like it either.

    • Nadine Hartman Bourne Nadine Hartman Bourne on Oct 29, 2016
      If you were worried about bugs you could use plastic canvas. when I make stuff with plastic canvas there are these little nubs that stick out and I cut them off to smooth out the next piece , I have always thought what a waste but now I could save them and do an ornament like this. could even intentionally cut it to get the rice looking bits.

    • Mfbandit769 Mfbandit769 on Oct 29, 2016
      If you are concerned that rats and roaches in your house would eat this, I would be more concerned about getting a pest control company to take care of the infestation ASAP.!! Just sayin!

    • Beverly Hirsch Beverly Hirsch on Oct 29, 2016
      If you live in Florida, for instance, even pest control doesn't take care of every roach! I would store them in a plastic bin for sure. AIR TIGHT! And keep them away from heat and humidity.

    • Ans10803042 Ans10803042 on Oct 29, 2016
      I'd be afraid that would happen too. Use them once and toss them? I also wonder about bed bugs in all the old furniture that is brought into houses and those slices of wood and old crates, etc. Just overly cautious I guess.

    • Ppo10883674 Ppo10883674 on Oct 29, 2016
      Thank you for the idea and directions for a beautiful Christmas ornament.

    • Faith Faith on Oct 29, 2016
      so cute

    • Martha Jones Martha Jones on Oct 29, 2016
      Just store in a water tight plastic bin and no bugs or mice will get to them

    • Terri Austill Terri Austill on Oct 29, 2016
      I made penny rug pincushions from felt several years ago and filled them with rice. They've been on display in my home on a silver tray everyday except during the holidays when they get stored to make room for seasonal decorations. No bugs, no mice!

    • Amazed Amazed on Oct 29, 2016
      use bay leaves when storing this is a natural roach repellent...

    • Joy Coombs Joy Coombs on Oct 29, 2016
      I'd love to see Terri Austill's penny rug pincushions!

    • Lisa Fox Lisa Fox on Oct 29, 2016
      You could also save those tiny Silica bags get with your new shoe boxes! put them in and keep dry from humidity! I have made several idea like that! last year! I have had them in my card board boxes, no problem with bugs! I live in MN!

    • Sonja Benson Sonja Benson on Oct 29, 2016
      Beautiful thank you for the idea 👍🏽👌🏽

    • Jan Campbell Jan Campbell on Oct 29, 2016
      we make bean bags for school using dry rice and dried beans. we have some that are over 10 years old and have never had a problems with mice, or bugs.

    • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Oct 30, 2016
      I store all Christmas decorations in the garage in big platic containers and have not seen any roaches but I know how some things attract bugs as garage doors are not that tight. If nothing edible then the bugs dont try to set up a new living space. Same with sign of an ant but in Spring if you spill a little sugar and dont get it all wiped up you soon have a line of ants.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 30, 2016
      Thanks everyone for the great input. Judyj635 I love to think a bit outside the box and don't like to throw things out. I simply thought about what I could use for a bit of tecture and tried pasta shells at first, then thought they are quit chunky and tried the rice, which worked fantastic! Maybe epsom salts would work nicely too, little beads anything that would give nice texture!

    • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Oct 30, 2016
      Hey, the Epsom Salts could be a good substitute idea. Can't imagine anything would want to eat that. When mentioning the food would attract unwanted guests I was thinking of when we had dog food in the garage and mice got in and ate holes in the bag. I bought a large garbage can and instructed daughters to pick up any spilled dog food when scooping out dog food. solved the attraction for the mice

    • Liz Davis Liz Davis on Oct 30, 2016
      Don't store in cardboard boxes. Roaches WILL EAT THROUGH IN A heartbeat!!! Mice can chew through plastic. Might be able to store in container if sprayed every time used.

  • Prelude Prelude on Oct 29, 2016
    What shade of glitter did you use? Love it. Looks iridescent.

  • Tre12519301 Tre12519301 on Oct 29, 2016
    How beautiful! Over time did the rice stay on?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 30, 2016
      Hi, the rice is still on! It's been a year and the ornament is the same as when I wrapped it up for storage last year!

    • Al Carr Al Carr on Oct 30, 2016
      sealed in an acrylic spray, it should last for quite some time.

    • Tre12519301 Tre12519301 on Oct 30, 2016
      Ok, I will do that. Can't wait to try it.

  • Janice Janice on Oct 30, 2016
    Did you add some glitter? I am a glitter fanatic and love anything with glitter on it.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 30, 2016
      Yes I sprinkled some glitter on, if you click on the blog post there is a full tutorial on there.

  • Barbara Jones Barbara Jones on Oct 30, 2016
    You said after you got all the rice on it that you then sealed it with PVA, does this spray on or if it is brushed on how do you not disturb the rice?

    • Arb13133069 Arb13133069 on Oct 31, 2016
      Says spray painted :)

    • Paula Paula on Oct 31, 2016
      I would think'd glue rice on, let dry and then recoat with glue

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 31, 2016
      There is a detailed tutorial on the blog post, but yes once you cover with pva and sprinkle the rice on you let it dry (hang the decoration and put something under it as the glue will drip). Once the glue dries it is hard and nothing comes off (maybe an odd piece of rice), then put another layer of glue to seal it, if needed sprinkle more rice. I then spray painted it gold. It is the same concept as with glitter for instance - layer glue, sprinkle glitter (let dry), once dry, seal with glue. Thank you.

    • Pac11032708 Pac11032708 on Nov 07, 2016
      Very cute. Thanks.

  • Rita Clissold Rita Clissold on Oct 31, 2016
    I was thinking ahead about Easter 🐣 eggs & was thinking that would work?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Oct 31, 2016
      Yes I can't see why not? For decorateive purposes only of course! :)

    • FdLNana FdLNana on Oct 31, 2016
      You can use plastic Easter eggs. I have dozens! Use pastel colors and glitter.

    • Etd1960 Etd1960 on Nov 05, 2016
      Great thinking outside the box!!

    • Bobbie B Bobbie B on Nov 05, 2016
      How pretty!

    • Katen Katen on Nov 05, 2016
      And to think I have been saving my old ornaments for sentimental reasons. I like your idea better. I also see red green and blue. White could be lovely with silver or pearl type glitter. Heck I'm ready to start now my mind is racing! Thanks for sharing

  • C_r12000617 C_r12000617 on Oct 31, 2016
    What is pva?

  • Mary Grosenheider Mary Grosenheider on Nov 04, 2016
    Did you use a spray on glue for the second coat? If not, how did you do it?

    • Cathy Overdulve Cathy Overdulve on Nov 05, 2016
      you could do with a small paint brush just over all the things

    • Bobbie B Bobbie B on Nov 05, 2016
      I would think a pray glue would work well getting into the crevisis.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 07, 2016
      Hi, I used a lot of pva and just slathered it in glue using a paintbrush, cover the area as it will be dripping while it dries.

    • Lyd27102436 Lyd27102436 on Oct 01, 2021

      I love this idea! In assorted sizes & glued on a styrofoam ring, they will make an elegant & gorgeous wreath for my entry! The price is perfect. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gem!

  • Elizabeth Borgelt Elizabeth Borgelt on Nov 15, 2016
    Can you seal it with glue and will that dull the sparkle?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Nov 15, 2016
      Hi, I sealed it with the same pva (elmers/crafts glue) it dries see through even though it is white when wet,so it is still sparkly. If you are worried about it, you can put some glue in places and sprinkle the glitter on , it should stick and dont seal, some of it may come off though.

    • Barb Barb on Nov 26, 2016
      I think you could use spray glue to seal will also dry clear

    • Adriane Bloyer Adriane Bloyer on Dec 01, 2016
      They look two toned. They don't just look gold, they look like bright and burnished gold.

    • Adriane Bloyer Adriane Bloyer on Dec 01, 2016
      How was the two toned effect achieved?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Dec 01, 2016
      I sprinkled some gold glitter and also some iridescent glitter over it gives a lovely glow.

    • Jackie Jackie on Dec 07, 2016
      Beautiful and Clever!

    • Marla Rose Baldwin Marla Rose Baldwin on Oct 13, 2017
      I have a bunch of styrofoam balls- ready to decorate, this is going to be my next project- for sure!!!!! LOVE them.

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Dec 10, 2018

      Would love to see when you are done!! Feel free to send me some photos or tag me !

    • Gail Mata Gail Mata on May 14, 2019

  • Sarah Evartt Sarah Evartt on Dec 18, 2018

    In the picture it looks as if there are different colors.. How did you achieve this?

    • From Evija with Love From Evija with Love on Dec 19, 2018

      Hi Sarah, thank you! I think the different colours comes from the iridescent glitter reflecting the light

    • Susie Centeno-Cannon Susie Centeno-Cannon on Jun 03, 2019

      I think the rice is one color, and the glitter adds the second color.

    • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Aug 16, 2019

      I have twin granddaughters who would love making these with me! Thanks so much for the idea, yours turned out perfectly!

    • Cathy Smith Cathy Smith on Sep 11, 2019

      Love it. They turned out so pretty

    • Ida9464 Ida9464 on Dec 03, 2019

      Love the sparkle! Creative n cheap!


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  • Love Crafting Love Crafting on Nov 30, 2020

    I love your idea. I was wondering if you used bugle beads instead of rice how it would look.

  • Danielle Danielle on May 19, 2021

    I wouldn’t have thought of using rice for texture. Great job on this! 👍🏼