Easy Nordic Christmas Ornaments Using Airdry Clay

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2 Hours

Few more days and we are leaving October behind. Every year I try my best to come up with unique ornaments to hang in our Christmas tree. This year I want it to be simple and easy to make.

With only two colors I was so happy with the outcome of my recent project.

To make this, read along the steps.

Roll your clay

To start, roll out your clay using a rolling pin or a glass bottle. Keep rolling until your desired thickness.

Add texture

For the texture, I used my old knitted mold and roll it out twice to make sure that details are transferred nicely .

If you do not have a textured mold. You can use other items at home like a crochet table top or a textured vase. Make use of the resources that you have :)

I'm satisfied with the texture so let's move on with the fun part.

Cut it into shapes

I use cookie cutters for a precise outcome of shapes. Stencil is a good alternative if you do not own one (Christmas tree sample)

I printed out a Christmas tree shape from the internet and cut it out in in a cardboard

Next, roll your blue clay and cut it into banner shapes.

Stamp on in and let it dry for a day.

The stamp made everything extra cute. Once you are done, you just need to leave it for a day to dry.

Add jutes and it's ready to hang.

Youtube tutorial

Here's a YouTube tutorial for this project for a complete guide. Happy crafting! :)

Suggested materials:

  • Homemade airdry clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutters
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