Simple Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With the Kids

I just wanted to try to make my own ornament, to see what it would look like. It still needs improved on, obviously. ;) This time, I think I will try paper pictures & see how that turns out.
A single canning jar lid band per ornament.
2 canning jar lid disks per ornament.
Use Christmas fabric & place the ring upside down over the intended portion of the fabric, to make sure it will fit in its new "frame". Cut the fabric about 1/4 inch extra all around. Hot glue the edges to the back of the disk where the rubber gasket is. Do this to two pictures, then glue the two disks back to back, making sure the pictures are even with each other.
Once the picture discs are glued together, add a ring of hot glue to the inside of the band & place the picture disks in place.
Use curling ribbon, or raffia to make the hanger. I cut a long strip, made a loop in the middle, hot glued ribbon to the top of the band, then wrap it down & around & hot glue & tie it off at the bottom. Use scissors to curl the dangling ribbon. This was my first one, so I didn't get it quite centered.

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  • Debs Debs on Nov 11, 2014
    This is cute. I can remember seeing something like this before only the center was stuffed like a pillow and then glued in the ring. Much like a pin cushion. Great idea to make with the kids!

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    • Lisa Myers Lisa Myers on Nov 11, 2014
      @Debs I made a pin cushion using a small jelly jar. I saw them on Pinterest, but they used the jar part as a sewing kit. I put all my extra straight pins in mine then put a magnet on the under-side of the lid to pull pins out of the jar without getting stabbed by the pins.