Star Wire Ornaments

6 Materials
30 Minutes
Who doesn't love a good star ornament? It's classic and can be done so many different ways. For a nice modern twist I thought I would make some metallic ones with a bit of wire. This is a great way to get a bunch of ornaments for cheap. With just a bit of wire and spray paint you can fill your tree with these wire ornaments too!
SUPPLIES: -Wire in various gauges -Star Shape Printouts -Beads / Glitter (optional) -Wire Cutters -Wood Board (not pictured above) -Nails (not pictured above)
STEP 1: Cut Your Wire I made several different versions, but they all essentially use the same method. First you need to print out some star shapes in the size of your choice. Then nail the shape to a small piece of wood and nail some nails into the 5 points. Also add a small nail off to the side as an anchor point. Then cut a long piece of wire (about 9 ft or so).
STEP 2: Twist Your Wire Around the Nails Secure your wire around your anchor nail by twisting the wire around it. Then, if you are making a standard star, wrap it around the nails as you would draw a standard 5 point star as a kid. Start at the top and go to the bottom right nail then up to the left arm of the star, over to the right arm, down to the bottom left, and back up to the starting point. Repeat this about 3-4 times.
STEP 3: Wrap Wire Through the Center Once the star shape is in place, you need to secure your 3-4 layers by wrapping wire through the center and around the 5 inner corners. Simply feed the end of the wire you have left under and around the star several times until the wire is held together securely. When you reach the end just twist the remaining wire into one of the corners to keep it in place.
STEP 4: Remove the Star and Spray Paint It Remove the star from the nails and use the wire you had twisted around the anchor nail to create a hanging loop. Now just spray paint the star! (if you want)
STEP 5 (Optional): Use a Thicker Wire If you are doing a different star shape it may be wise to use a thicker wire so that it holds it's shape all on it's own without having to wrap the wire around the inner corners. For this star shape I simply bent the wire around the printout.
STEP 6 (Optional): Twist the Ends Into a Loop If you are just going for the simple outline of a star you can use the end of the wire to close the shape versus wrapping it in a corner as we did with the standard star. Simply twist the end of the wire around your starting point to secure it in place.
STEP 7 (Optional): Add Some Glitz and Sparkle I decided for the crazier stars I would add a bit of glitz. If you want to, you can paint some glue onto the wire and dip it in glitter for a fancier effect. If your original loop isn't large enough to fit around a tree branch, simply cut a small piece of wire and create a hook for the tree by threading it through and twisting in place.
I know there are a lot of options here to go with, but now I have enough for a starry filled mini tree!
The ones that I painted gold definitely stand out more than the silver, but perhaps if the wire was bigger they would be seen the same.
I don't even know if I have a favorite... I know the first picture mostly showed the standard shape
I think these would be great little gift toppers as well. Just tie them onto a package with some ribbon and it's like a bonus gift!

Suggested materials:

  • Floral Wire   (Michael's)
  • Utility Wire   (Home Depot)
  • Sparkles   (Michael's)
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  • Poelstrad Poelstrad on Dec 11, 2016
    I have these made with copper wire also which is very pretty ....thanks for sharing.

  • Marcia Marcia on Dec 11, 2016
    i love these but for a different look do these in yarn or string and coat with white glue and let dry