Tea Cup Christmas Ornament (Diorama)

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30 Minutes

I love to poke around antique (or junk/resale) stores. I found a number of sweet teacups and decided to make them into ornaments. I hope you enjoy my project and results!!

...a cup of cheer!

I started with just a $2 Noritake cup -- from a thrift store

At Michaels, they had metallic acrylic paint. (I don't think metallic was necessary tho.)

Paint the inside "top" half (under cup handle) with the metallic paint... for the "sky." (Let it dry. I only used one coat.)

Next, I sewed on snowflakes (that had loop holes at the top) to a doily.

Note: Only sew on with loop holes, as you'll want the snowflakes to HANG later!

Ya... I had no white thread... but this was close enough.

Sew the snowflakes ONLY on top half of doily.

Glue a plain doily to "bottom" inside of cup. I used hot glue... it doesn't take much.

Glue snowflake doily to "sky". ...it's certainly OK if the doilies overlap. (Oh... I then glued on a couple of snowflakes where I felt there was some open space.)

Now starts the part I thought was most fun!! ==>. ==>

I had bags of tiny bottle brush trees... for the snowy forest! (These [amazon] bags will make a TON of ornaments.)

Because of the shape and size of tea cups, I cut the bottle brush trees to fit inside. (I used a heavy-duty Kitchenaid scissors, but a wire clipper would work too.)

As I hot glued the trees in, I also glued scattered (or piled!) plastic "ice" pieces.

Note: on my first cup, I glued in all the trees first. That made it more difficult to place the ice. On the next cup, I worked from back-to-front (of the forest) -- putting in both trees AND ice.

Here is a side view of the finished cup... hopefully you can see what I mean about working from back (bottom) of cup to front (lip.)

...a cup of Christmas cheer -- from me to you! ...tied up with a ribbon!

Suggested materials:

  • Doilies   (amazon)
  • Bottle bristle trees   (amazon)
  • Plastic "ice"   (amazon)
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