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I was commissioned by a friend of mine to help her recreate this Pin for her wedding coming up in September. It’s a sweet, yet simple way to display her seating chart, place cards hung by jute on the ladder rungs will let her guests know where they will be seated for dinner, I was honored to help her create her vision!

The inspo pic for the project, she loves everything about it so I’m doing my best to recreate it!

Gather supplies!

She needed 2, if you just want one you can divide the supplies in half!

4- 2x3x8

5- 1” x48” wooden dowels

wood glue


Tools required:

Miter saw


1”spade bit

Measure twice cut once! I made these ladders 60” tall, each rung will be 10 inches apart to support a 5x7 name card to be hung.

I like to measure the wood with my saw set to 0°, and once I’m sure of my measurement set my miter angle, in this case 10° for the bottom of each leg so it has a slight Lean to it.

I cut the dowels to 18”, I didn’t get a pic of that, when making multiple cuts of the same length, it’s best to create a stop... I didn’t have one so this took a minute. I needed 10-18” rungs for the 2 ladders.

Stain it all! I used a carrington but varathayne. I like to stain with a piece of a flour sack towel. I use them for cleaning in the house and when they get super stained from cleaning the get tossed into the garage to use for car washing and staining. They are lint free and cheap, I love them!

Once the stain has dried, draw your lines to help set the rungs, I used a scrap of the 2x3 to draw a line down the length of the board

I crossed each long line at 10” to mark the spot to drill with my spade but.... that’s what we have always called them, but I feel that may not be accurate? What do you call these bits?

I get super precise here! I use a pencil eraser to check my depth of each hole... I’ll be adding screws from the other side to secure, but wanted a little inset so I can add glue to make these really secure so they don’t get damaged in transport.

Once glued and screwed, let dry 24 hours or per directions on the type wood glue you use! I’ll update with a photo of these at her wedding! How did I do? Pretty similar to the inspo I’d say! Hope you enjoyed this build! Stay crafty!

Suggested materials:

  • 2x3x8 pine   (Home depot)
  • 1” dowel   (Home depot)
  • 2.25” wood screws   (Home Depot)

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