Chicken Coop

by Gabe
25 Hours
Yes folks it's a chicken coop! This was a commission piece and my first attempt at building one. Learned lots about chickens! And I love the fresh eggs. Truth in lending, I did raise pigeons as a youngster living in New York City so I know basic carpentry and framing however, my customers wanted some specific things built into it. If you want to see the full write up check out my blog at hope you like it
This is the final build, I had to completely disassemble the entire Coop In order to deliver it, but the client needed to see the finished product before I took it apart.
This side of the coop will be facing the Run (outdoor coop) for the chickens the black square up top is a vent that opens and closes. and the bottom box is the sliding chicken door so you can open or close the door without having to go into the coop
This is the access door for Egg collection, there are 4 spaces for the hens to roost in and lay eggs.
This is the slideout floor which can be pulled out to clean the bird poop, some people like this some people don't, my client wanted it and He is very happy.
just another angle of the completed coop
It all started with the platform, simple 2x4 frame with supporting floor joists. the legs are made out of treated 4x4's and braced on each side. MAKE SURE YOU SQUARE THE FRAME BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO BUILD THE COOP!!!
Ready to build
Initial framing, since this was a lean-to design the front of the coop was higher than the back, front was 5" higher than back, up to you how much of slope/Rise you want for the roof
Making the roof joists was a learning experience but actually quite easy, I won't go into detail here but you can google framing roof joists for different techniques
A back view of the framing
the inside of the coop with perches, note: you may want to round the perches a bit more to make it more comfortable for the birds to perch on
Hate the name but pretty much a guillatine style door for the chickies, super simple construction.
here is a pic of the slide out floor I put vinyl flooring in the floor but not sure if that is going to work to good.
Here is an inside shot of the open vent. You gotta give the birds plenty of ventilation especially with all that smelly poop.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Comet Comet on Oct 26, 2015
    We are looking to re-locate to NC/Tenn etc to escape the cold! The ice did me in a few years ago and each winter seems to get worse for me getting around and the cold just gets into your bones. To keep them warm we have heat lamps and they have plenty of hay etc---might have to add a different heater this year with the extra room but they can;t be kept too warm either. Since they think that styrofoam is a treat like potato chips are to us adding that kind of insulation is dubious too. Work in progress!
  • Russell Trottier Russell Trottier on Apr 03, 2020

    do you have plans for this? This is a great coop!