Fur Baby Leash Holder

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4 Hours

We all love our puppies so much. And they love when we take them for a walk. How about if you had a really cute way to keep your dog leashes ready for action?

Gather your supplies and paint your board

-wood (I had this in my stash)

-paint and brushes

-Mod Podge



-painters tape

Any size board will do. I would suggest you sand it down first and then paint it. I used cedar and only painted the front.

Stencil tips and tricks

I make my own stencils on my cameo silhouette. (You can purchase stencils or search YouTube for transferring an image if you don’t have a cutting machine). When I stick the stencil onto the board I first position the stencil with painters tape in the middle on each side. Then I peeled the back off a little bit at a time. If you peel the entire back off all at once and then try to place the stencil it is very possible that you will end up with a hot mess. I use inexpensive shelf liner as my stencil material.

I made two.

Each sign is a different color with a different image. I especially like the one with the sitting puppy. The single hook is going to end up being his tail!

The little pieces

When you stencil you have to remember to be careful with all the little pieces that go inside certain letters. I have a very large needle to help me place the small pieces. The red ribbon is so I can find the needle easily.

Continue sticking on the stencil

Here is another picture so you can see how I placed the top half of the stencil first. Then I carefully peel off the rest of the backing.

Tennis ball trick.
Tennis ball!

Once the stencil is in place I use a tennis ball to smoosh down the stencil nice and tight. This will help keep the paint from seeping under the stencil.

Paint the stencil

I use a stencil sponge to paint. Add paint to the sponge brush and the offload most of the paint. A dryer brush is best. Plan to apply the paint around 3 times to achieve full coverage. Beware... If your brush is really wet the paint may seep under the stencil.

Remove stencil

I only wait a short time before carefully removing the stencil. It doesn’t need to be totally dry. I use my trusty needle to remove the little pieces. I realize that I should have painted the sitting dog black since I had a black hook for the tail. Darn!!! So I ended up painting the hook grey to match. I added Mod Podge to seal the entire sign (and the painted hook).

The hanging hook
Add the hooks.

You can use a ruler to measure and make sure the hook is added to the center. I use a piece of string that is the same width of the sign. I fold the string in half to find the center. Then I added the larger hooks to the front.

Super cute.

Super cute. Don’t you think?

Sitting dog sign

Here is one of the finished signs. Instead of the word WOOF you can paint the name of your puppy.

Let’s go for a walk

This sign has a double hook. You can also make a wider sign with two separate hooks.

Miss Abby and the new signs

I hope you like this project. It’s one of those fun and easy projects that anyone can make.

Suggested materials:

  • Paint   (Lowe’s Hardware)
  • Mod Podge   (Michael’s)
  • Hooks   (Lowe’s Hardware)
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