How to create a cat backyard garden for rescued cats?


Presently, I have 6 rescued cats and have recently built a fence along with cat escape-proof netting on top. I have been searching online to find a plan that involves bushes, plants, and hardscrapes that are cat safe. The somewhat large backyard has 3 large trees that provide a lot of shade until late afternoon. Small trickling water features, types of shade/sun grasses, and small cat climbing fixtures also need to be considered. Some kind of small shelter from wind, sun, and rain would be great too. Creative design ideas and websites will be appreciated. Of course, a basic plan is a must with room to add additional features on an ongoing and evolving basis. My kids (rescue cats) deserve a fun, save place to play and chase bugs and squirrels. With spring practically here and the long summer a sure thing, I am “antsy” to start. Thanks for any forthcoming advice.

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